Focus Atlanta - Amour CBDGet the information you need about choosing the right CBD products for you.
Focus Atlanta - Scott PageWe all need a little direction concerning our finances. However,seniors may actually have more questions than answers during a pandemic.
Focus Atlanta - PREP AtlantaLearn more about how PREP Atlanta is helping the food industry survive and thrive.
Coronavirus Imunity MysteryWhy do some people not have any symptoms when others die from it?
Reopening Georgia: Day 1Reopening economy is the latest chapter of America's political divide
Navy Chief Recommends Reinstating AIrcraft Carrier Captain Fired Over Coronavirus EmailSecretary of Defense is reviewing and will make the final decision.
No Questions: President Trump refuses To Answer Any Questions At Daily Coronavirus BriefingThis comes one day after he publicly speculates on injecting coronavirus patients with disinfectant.
Atlanta-Area Gyms Re-Open To Mixed ReactionSeveral gyms are opening their doors for the first time since shutting down in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but some say it’s way too soon to allow folks back in.
Driving The Mars Rover From Home30+ Mars Rover team have turned their homes into makeshift individual command centers.
Having Weird Dreams? You Are Not AloneTips for better sleep.
Oxford University Researchers Begin Human Testing A Coronavirus VaccineBritish government is hoping to fast track it.
Fewer People Going To Emergency Room For Non Covid Related IssuesDoctors are afraid people with serious problems are not being treated.
Homeland Security Report: Coronavirus Does Not Spread Well In Sunlight Or HeatSummer could help slow the virus' spread.
House Approves Relief Package For SMall BusinessesThe President says he will sign it.
Governor Brian Kemp Moves Forward With Plans To Reopen Some BusinessesPresident Trump reversed course and said he thinks it is a bad idea.
Contact Tracing To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirussee the first steps in action.
Netflix Doubles The Number Of Expected SubscribersThe increase comes from more people staying at home.
Former UCLA Soccer Coach Pleads Guilty In College Admissions ScandalJorge Salcedo pleads guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit racketeering.
Coronavirus Treatment?Plasma from recovered patients shows promise
U.S. Monitoring Reports That Kim Jong Un Is Gravely IllReports say he in fragile health after an unspecified surgery.
New Hydroxychloroquine Study Finds The Malaria Drug Is Ineffective Against the CoronavirusStudy has not been reviewed by other scientists
Communities Start To Reopen Across The U.S.Robert Redfield of the CDC fears second wave of the virus in a few months.
TAKE 3: 04/21/2020- City Nature Challenge 2020 - Color For a Cause - Test Your Wits: Virtual Trivia Night
DeKalb County Sheriff's COVID-19 UpdateDeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox said there are now 10 confirmed cases among her staff, which she said represents 2% of her employees. She also said 13 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19, representing 1% of the jail population.

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