TTYM: Watch Houston Rockets Sing ‘The Dreidel Song’ And A Bears Fan Run Wild

November 29, 2013 1:29 PM

ttym 9556113 TTYM: Watch Houston Rockets Sing The Dreidel Song And A Bears Fan Run Wild

by @TaraLipinsky

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Dreidel Or Dribble?

After hearing the Dallas Mavericks remake of “The Fox,” I didn’t think a professional team could possibly mutilate a song any worse.

Enter Hanukkah and the Houston Rockets.

For the second year in a row the Rockets roster offers their version of the Hanukkah ditty known as “The Dreidel Song.”

No, that wasn’t a misprint.

This rendition is as confusing as it is earsplitting. At one point Aaron Brooks starts singing “The Animaniacs” theme song. What?

And, yes Chandler Parson this is a “Jewish Thing.”

Don’t these teams have to practice?

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Now That’s What I Call A Bad Running Game

After early success, the Chicago Bears have struggled with their running game and now their run defense is currently last in the NFL.

Much like the team they root for, the above Bears’ fans are struggling with both their running game and run defense.

Caution: there is some profanity. But after watching the video you’ll forgive him.

Story via CBS Chicago

All The Right Moves

You’ve heard of the infamous brawl dubbed “Malice at the Palace”… well this throw down in the stands at Auburn Hills is all about dance moves.

The Pistons Dance Cam caught a young fan with some impressive moves and he has an impromptu dance-off with the resident “dancing usher” during a game against the Knicks early this month.

Well, at least someone in that stadium had some moves.

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Ice Ice Baby



I am not exactly sure what is worse. The Blackhawks selling melted ice from their Stanley Cup win… or that fact that at $99 a pop it actually sold out in just a few days.

If I could bet on it, I’d guess the yahoo Bears fan who slammed his head into the pole while racing bought a few.

Story via CBS Chicago

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