One “hairy” press conference with Andew Bynum, an unbelievable hole-in-one caught on video, Darrelle Revis gets what he wants, um, sort of and is Tim Tebow finally starting to get it?  Those stories and more in this week’s That Thing You Missed
What Would Tebow Do If His Career Wasn’t At Stake?

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And you thought Tim Tebow signing with the Jets over the Jaguars was the absolute worst decision in his NFL career? Ha. Think again.

Earlier this week Tebow agreed to speak at The First Baptist Church of Dallas in April run by the always controversial Dr. Robert Jeffress much to the chagrin of fans and the liberal media alike.

If you’re not sure why – well, Jeffress has claimed Islam promoted pedophilia, said Judaism “leads people to an eternity of separation from God in hell” and reportedly reduced Catholics, Hindus and Buddhist into cult members.  Oh, and as you can imagine he doesn’t like gay people either.

The outrage was too much pressure for Tebow who quickly decided to nix his appearance “due to new information brought to my attention.”

Translation:  “My career is screwed enough.”

Jeffress, however, has a different spin.  He claims Tebow told him, “Because of personal reasons and professional reasons I need to steer clear of controversy right now but I would love to come back to your church at sometime in the future.”

Translation:  “Like when my NFL career is for sure over.”

Frankly, what I find most disturbing about this story is the “Megachurch” campus has 11,000 members and cost 130 million bucks.

And that means a hell (whoops) of a lot more people than Jeffress think you’re a heathen if you happen to be gay or have faith that Christ is your savior.  

Story via CBS Dallas

“Hair Lip”

For those of you basketball fans who live outside the City of Brotherly Love – you may ask, “Does Andrew Bynum still play for the Sixers?”  Or many of you may wonder if he plays Pro Ball at all anymore.

Unfortunately for Philly fans, Bynum does indeed still play pro ball – and he is indeed a very well-paid Sixer.  And despite a big bucks contract and promises of good health, Bynum has sat on the bench more than he’s hit the hardcourt.

At a recent press conference besides displaying a bizarre hairdo – Bynum offered a bizarre explanation of his health. Bynum said he feels pain in his knee – but it’s “not a setback.”  Wait, what? Really?

Ask Sixer fans what they think.

Bynum isn’t expected to play again until March.

Well, with a few more weeks off – at least he has time to finish getting his hair did.

Story via @SpikeEskin CBS Philadelphia

It’s My Career And I’ll Cry If I Want To 

Darrelle Revis (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Photo Credit= Rob Carr/Getty Images

Ah, the NFL season may be over – but it always seems to be open season on the Jets in the media.

Rumors swirled this week about the possibility of the Jets front office trading their numero uno player four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Revis has made it clear he wants to finish his career with Gang Green – but during an interview with the NFL Network said he wouldn’t “pout and cry” if traded.

Later in the week, Rex Ryan and new GM John Idzik made it clear they too, want Revis to remain a Jet.

Well Darrell, personally, I think now it’s time to start pouting and crying.

Story Via CBS New York

Hole- y!

Yep, this actually happened.

Story via CBS Detroit

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