Tips For Keeping Your Kids Active From An Atlanta Fitness Professional

February 16, 2013 8:00 AM

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Trying to get kids to do anything can be a hassle, but keeping them active when the weather is cold is one of the biggest struggles. Fireplaces tend to make us just want to cozy up by the TV, so how can we keep our kids active albeit cooler temperatures? Find out here from Susan Viar, an Atlanta fitness professional at Gold’s Gym in McDonough.

Gold’s Gym McDonough
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First and foremost, get the kids off the couch! Limit the time they can play those video games and then get the family a gym membership. Most gyms are very family friendly and offer classes that the entire family may be able to attend. Susan says, “Our gym has a kids’ room that is so much fun, sometimes the kids do not want to leave. Take a look at what Gold’s Gym in McDonough has to offer your family.”

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Callaway Gardens Resort
17800 US Highway 27
Pine Mountain, GA 31822
(800) 255-5292
www.callawaygardens.comTake your family on a day trip over the weekend. Callaway Gardens has been an ultimate family getaway in Georgia for many years and all families love it. Within Callaway Gardens there are activities for the whole family. Take a group bike ride along the paths and peruse the beautiful gardens for a leisurely break. Susan’s tip is to “Be sure to try out the Treetop Adventure and Ziplines. This unique experience will give your family something to talk about for years to come!”Related: Getaway Guide: Weekend Trip to Pine Mountain

Atlanta Rocks
1019 Collier Road N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 351-3009
www.atlantarocks.comWho says you can’t climb a mountain inside? At Atlanta Rocks, you can climb almost as far as your eyes can see. This indoor rock climbing facilities even offers after-school camps throughout the cooler months to help moms out. Climbing helps your kids in many ways. They get physical activity, increased self confidence and it also enhances their teamwork skills and self-reliance. Parents will love the fact that they are encouraged to relax in the gym, get some work done or enjoy the free Wi-Fi while their kids are climbing.Susan has a few more tips for getting kids active during the cooler months. “In the winter months in areas that don’t get a lot of sun, or areas where kids can’t get out much, parents might consider adding a little Vitamin D supplement for kids. Also, remember that there are a lot of places that do special events indoors like skating rinks and dance studios. It might be the perfect time to trick them into working out. Tools that adults use like gliding discs can also become fun for kids at home. Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but parents that move can get kids to move. If parents are okay with sitting around, why should the kids want to do any different? Take the one-week, no-TV-at-all challenge and see what you can come up with. I bet activity will come naturally!”

You can find out more about Susan Viar on the R.I.P.P.E.D. website!

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