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The great thing about car camping, as opposed to hiking or backpacking, is that you can bring a lot more supplies and comforts of home with you.

What To Bring

Of course, food and water are key. Always plan to bring twice as much water as you think you’ll need, as you need water for drinking, cooking and washing, and you don’t want to find yourself running low. Also make sure that you have a handy first aid kit, as you never know what bumps and bruises you may acquire. Don’t forget the blankets and pillows, because no matter how warm things are during the day, you may find that the woods are rather chilly once the sun goes down.

Some campers choose to sleep in their cars, while others just use the car for transportation and prefer to pitch a tent for sleeping. Check with your campground before you leave to see whether certain goods like alcohol are allowed on site, as that can certainly impact the nature of your camping experience. Also, don’t forget any toiletries or paper goods that you use on a daily basis, as you may be surprised what you miss if you don’t have it with you.

Where To Go

One of Georgia’s best car camping spots is undoubtedly the Deep Hole Recreation Area located in the Chattahoochee National Forest. It’s in an extremely desirable location right at the base of the North Georgia mountains, so hikers love setting up camp in this spot. It’s basic, being small and lacking electricity or showers. But if you want a beautiful, rustic experience, this is a great choice. There is easy access to trails for hiking, mountain biking or canoeing on the Toccoa River.

Head out to Ellijay, Georgia to check out the campsites at Three Forks along Forest Road 58. These too are on the more basic end of the scale, but there are truly excellent hiking opportunities nearby. The name Three Forks refers to the convergence of three trout-filled streams in the area, so of course there are also great spots for fishermen to relax and enjoy the day. You’ll find the Benton MacKaye Trail and the Appalachian Trail nearby, including walking trails that will take you to a beautiful waterfall. There are few experiences more peaceful than trekking out to a natural wonder with your sweetheart. Even without the modern conveniences of home, car camping can be a romantic getaway.

Another out-of-the-way spot is the Cherry Hill Campground on South Carolina Highway 107 located near Burrells Ford. This is a good location for a fishing weekend away without the hassles of traffic getting there and back. It also has some modern conveniences including bathrooms, so you aren’t completely roughing it. Burrells Ford is known for its trout fishing, but you probably still want to be sure to pack enough food, just in case they aren’t biting during your trip.
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