Remember that winter is “beer season” too. Just because the temperatures may be so freezing that the weather people on television are talking about that dreaded “wind chill factor,” winter is still the perfect opportunity to try one of Atlanta’s great craft brews that are available during the winter months. A great winter beer should not only be delicious, but also keep you warm while providing a great alternative to wine for your holiday meals and parties. Winter beers tend to be big and bold and offer a little spice, nutmeg or cinnamon taste to go along with the hoppy flavor everyone looks for during the winter months. Here are some Atlanta craft beers you’ll see this winter.
Ode To Mercy At Wild Heaven Craft Beers
135B Maple St.
Avondale Estates, GA 30002
(404) 997-8589

Kick off the winter season in style with Ode to Mercy from Wild Heaven Craft Beers. This is a high end beer with an oak and coffee base, so you know it’s going to taste great on that cold night sitting by the fire. This is a great beer to sip by itself or pair it with holiday cookies or a delicious dessert. For those cinnamon lovers out there, this is the beer you need to try.

Fu Manbrew At Monday Night Brewing
670 Trabert Ave. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 352-7703

Monday Night Brewing is no longer one of the best kept secrets in Atlanta. Monday Night brews beers with unique taste and with a week’s worth of flavor. It doesn’t have to be Monday night to enjoy one of their brews; you should treat yourself this winter to their Pilsner wheat malt called Fu Manbrew. This beer resembles a German beer; only a hint of ginger is thrown to put you in the holiday mood. This brew is great to pair with your holiday appetizers.

Festive Ale From Sweetwater Brewing Company
195 Ottley Drive
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 691-2537

Deck the halls and trim the tree, all while enjoying one of Atlanta’s great beers, Festive Ale from Sweetwater Brewing Company. Festive Ale is brewed with copious amounts of malt, and a hint of cinnamon will put you in the holiday mood this winter. A great beer to ring in the new year and one that should be served at every holiday party, Festive Ale is only sold in October, November and December, so stock up now for the entire winter.

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Breakout Stout From Jailhouse Brewing Company
8 Cherry St.
Hampton, GA 30228
(678) 734-3202

Breakout Stout is a festive tasting beer from upstart Jailhouse Brewing Company. A bold beer that says “winter,” Breakout Stout also has a hint of chocolate and chocolate malt to pair with a holiday dessert. It’s also a great stand alone beer for watching sports or after you come in from a brisk walk. Jailhouse Brewing likes to keep it simple, and this is simply a great beer.

Major Horton’s Export Stout By Jekyll Brewing
2855 Marconi Drive Suite 350
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(844) 453-5955

Alpharetta’s Jekyll Brewing is more than just a flash in the pan. Jekyll uses the best ingredients and has quite a following outside the perimeter. You too can now enjoy all their beers. But for the winter season, their Major Horton’s Export Stout will keep your insides warm. This is a bold and strong beer with a black appearance that says, “drink me.” Full roasted malt and infusions of a little coffee and chocolate taste make this a great dessert beer and a great option for toasting in the New Year.

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