What drives you to go to a barber shop? Is it great recommendations, the fact that it is independently owned or is it a chain store? Many men, like women, love going to a shop where they can walk in and feel welcomed. Not only do men look for a place they can relax, they also look for a place that gives them the shave/cut they cannot get anywhere else. Get familiar with some of the best places in Atlanta to get a straight razor shave.

Sage Hill Village Barber Shop
1799 Briarcliff Road N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 872-9452

Sage Hill Village Barber Shop is one of those shops that stays in the family. It’s a tradition to go there to watch sports and get a nice shave in the process. This shop has a very old school vibe that will appeal to the men with traditional values. Sage Hill Village Barber Shop is not like any other. Many shops have that one guy that may not give you the shave that your require. Sage Hill Village Barber Shop is the complete opposite. No matter who cuts your hair or shaves your face, it will come out perfect. Visit Sage Hill Village Barber Shop to get an outstanding hot towel and straight razor shave.

Thomas Barber Shop
1268 W. Paces Ferry Road N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30327
(404) 233-9293

Owner Tommy Thomas is considered one of the best barbers in Atlanta and the owner of a barber shop that others wish they could have. One of the great things about this barber shop is that it has a vibe that isn’t forced. The walls are covered in college memorabilia from current and past customers, which gives the shop a heartfelt, inviting, small town feeling. Not only does Thomas Barber Shop offer a great straight razor shave but an amazing social experience as well.

Exodus Barber Shop (Courtesy of Exodus Barber Shop)

Exodus Barber Shop
6201 Memorial Drive 
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(404) 465-2444

Exodus Barber Shop in located in the big, yet small city of Stone Mountain, GA, and makes you feel at home as soon as you walk in. This barber shop is owned and operated by Dan Brown, who is very active in the community and supports the movement of the people and other barbers. While this barber shop has a long list of services it provides, the straight razor shave is one of the services the shop takes a load of pride in. Many of the barbers feel that the straight razor shave is an authentic take on a haircut. Get to Exodus Barber Shop to experience what some of the best barbers in Atlanta have to offer.

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Gino’s Classic Barber Shop
1100 Hammond Drive, Suite 430B
AtlantaGA 30328
(770) 391-9131

Gino’s Classic Barber Shop has a traditional feel to it. The barbers are nice and speak to you like they have known you for years, and the shop has a very executive look. Gino’s is known for its great service and atmosphere it offers to newcomers and those who have been around for years. This shop is also known for its straight razor shaves that start with a warm lather neck shave and end with a warm menthol towel and a shoulder rub. Go to Gino’s Classic Barber Shop and leave feeling refreshed and clean after a straight razor shave.

West Barber Shop
1961 Howell Mill Road N.W.
AtlantaGA 30318
(404) 355-9030

The barbers at West Barber Shop take pride in every hair cut, straight razor shave and beard trim they perform. While many of the clients call the owner, Kevin, the master, every barber on staff has a unique and extensive knowledge of the art of cutting men’s hair. This extensive knowledge shows in every hair cut and razor shave that is executed. Like many barber shops, this one too is considered to have an old school vibe. The difference between other barber shops (that are not considered the best in Atlanta) and West Barber Shop is that this barber shop actually lives up to the importance of satisfying the customer. Get to West Barber Shop now and experience how a perfectly executed straight razor shave looks and feels.

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