Getting pierced is serious business an infection could turn an artistic experience deadly. Safety and hygiene are essential, but artistic talents and creativity are also important. When getting pierced, make sure to learn as much as possible about the piercing facility you’re going to. Reputable facilities are easy to spot —look at the years in business and photos from previous clientele. Atlanta has several piercing facilities, but the following five are known to provide outstanding service.
Piercing Experience
1654 McLendon Ave. NE
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 378-9100

This facility is not only popular and known for professional service, but members take advantage of continued learning opportunities sponsored by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). The program is a three-day intensive experience, which helps piercers stay current with latest techniques and information. The folks at Piercing Experience advise cheap piercings can have long-term costs; there are numerous safety concerns like infection, nerve damage, rejection and scarring that customers should be aware of. A professional piercer minimizes or avoids risks. Professional piercing fees are relatively inexpensive at this store and for that small fee you get a trained professional. At Piercing Experience, they understand anatomy, sterilization and what jewelry is appropriate. For their work ethic and satisfied clients, Piercing Experience lands on CBS Local’s top piercing facilities in Atlanta.

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Illustrated Tattoo & Piercing
4880 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 10
Tucker, Georgia
(678) 534-5915

Illustrated Tattoo & Piercing is a custom piercing and tattoo shop where clients can bring their piercing drams to life.  Artists take pride in shaping a client’s vision into personal body art. The company was in business for over two years just announced their newest member Tim Pilsner who has been piercing for over a decade. Tim specializing in facial and surface piercings but doesn’t do dermal pocketing or genital piercings. Piercings are reasonable and start at $25.  This price also includes starter jewelry. For more information on pricing or specific piercings please call the store or visit their website.

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Dragon Rojo TattooVenue
4627 Buford Highway
Atlanta, Georgia
(678) 622-5803

Dragon Rojo Tattoo is home to a group of Latin piercers and tattoo artists. Their mission includes high-quality, hygienic tattoos using the latest techniques. The Latin company was founded in Mexico in 1996, and in 2000 opened the first of three Hispanic piercing and tattoo shops in Georgia. With three bilingual stores in Gainesville, Chamblee and Atlanta, Dragon Rojo Tatto is one of Atlanta’s favorites.

Virtue And Vice Body Piercing And Permanent Makeup
2261 Cheshire Bridge Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 315-6925

The piercing extravaganza is a traditional group that takes sterilization very seriously.  Tools are properly processed, sterilized and stored. Prior to piercing, all tools go through a second sterilization process and are placed into a SatimClave (a second autoclave). This part of the sterilization process is in addition to the first process and used for sanitary purposes. The group is known for single use of supplies like gauze, needles and other items. If you’re looking for a unique, creative and safe piercing experience, this is the place to go. For more information, call or visit their website.

Piercing Experience
1654 McLendon Ave,
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 378-9100

Piercing Experience remains one of the best places to get a piercing that is safe and high-quality. In fact, this place is so popular that they can no longer accept walk-ins on Fridays or the weekends! If you’re getting your first piercing, or taking your child in for theirs, this is where you know you will be in the safe, gentle hands of professionals. They also sell carefully selected and high-quality jewelry, so you can pick something gorgeous and safe to wear once the studs come out!

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