Best Places To Buy Local Art For Less Than $100 In Atlanta

November 26, 2012 8:00 AM

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artgallery Best Places To Buy Local Art For Less Than $100 In Atlanta

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These Atlanta locations are destinations worth exploring. While a young local artist may eventually raise the value of their works in your collection, the print you bought from a department store will never be worth more than its frame. Read on to find the best places to buy local art in Atlanta for under $100.

Young Blood Gallery & Boutique
636 N. Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 254-4127

Affordability is an attribute with negative connotations for artwork, but in the current economic climate, artists are competing with mass-produced, easily digestible decor and not just other artists. Young Blood Gallery & Boutique offers original, limited-edition work by local favorites as well as themed group exhibitions. Young Blood host shows where pieces can be found at affordable prices. This boutique offers a consistent number of original pieces at prices comparable to chain stores.

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Jack Art Gallery
659 Auburn Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 754-8030

This gallery prides itself on its digital presence. The online store offers complete disclosure about what it has to offer, most of which is under $100. Customers can browse the selection online and if they choose to, they can circumvent the exhibition scene. Jack Art Gallery’s ambition vastly outweighs its bottom line. The gallery hopes to integrate social media and expand to national listings. There is little opportunity for small galleries to attract mainstream attention, but an online catalog evens the playing field a bit.

Village Theatre
349 Decatur St. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 688-8858

This location is one of the best places to buy artwork under for under $100. The Village Theatre boasts a varied collection of local performances with improv comedy being the main attraction. The local artwork for sale decorates the bar area and creates a nice backdrop for thirsty audiences. The owner constantly changes out artwork as it is purchased with sci-fi and pop culture themes. An extra benefit is that customers can enjoy the entertainment here on a regular basis and then pick something up if it catches their eye.

Beep Beep Gallery
696 Charles Allen Drive N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 313-5722

Beep Beep is a self-described DIY space which focuses special attention on emerging artists. It has excellent connections to the community, to local art festivals and to other galleries. Beep Beep’s curatorial policies entertain interesting work creating an opportunity to catch artists on the rise. Sensitive audiences can hope to find quality work before it soars to its future value. There is less motivation to promote sales off the wall but it is a good place to find new artists.

The Art House Gallery
3193 Paces Ferry Pace
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 254-4550

This Buckhead location caters to a certain type of clientele which includes Buckhead pleasure shoppers. As a result, metalsmith, fiber and jewelry can be found among the other fine arts media. This location is on the very edge of the affordable price ceiling. Some artists at The Art House Gallery have already established a higher market, but they have individual pieces, like rings, that are still $100 or less.

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