Best Nighttime Strolls In Atlanta

September 8, 2016 2:00 PM

Photo Credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Take advantage of the weather, and get out and enjoy a stroll around the city. Atlanta is a beautiful city, and has a lot to offer.
Centennial Olympic Park
265 Park Avenue West NW
Atlanta, GA 30313-1591
(404) 223-4412

Centennial Olympic Park has many things to see in and of itself. So go ahead and take a stroll and see what its all about. The main focus are the fountain rings. The fountain of rings feature the Olympic Ring Symbol. The Olympics were held in Atlanta, Ga. in 1996. Centennial Olympic Park is a tribute to that event. As the fountains spring forth, they are synchronized with many LED lights, and the fountains dance with the music. While there why not stop for a Googie Burger? The food is made from scratch, never frozen and cooked to order. Another interesting thing to check out, are the 800,000 bricks laid in the park. Out of that, 486,000 bricks are engraved. People and businesses were allowed to purchase a brick and have it engraved with their business name or personal name. With the thousands of lights in Centennial Park that come on around dusk, it’s a sight to behold for tourist and home folks alike.

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Atlantic Station
1380 Atlantic Drive, Suite 14250
Atlanta, Ga. 30363
(404) 645-7945

Atlantic Station is a wonderful place to take a late evening stroll. Atlantic Station is a neighborhood in and of itself. You live, shop and work inside the neighborhood of Atlantic Station. In the evening, it comes alive with music, thousands of lights, street vendors, and of course all the regular shops and restaurants are there for your pleasure. So take a leisurely stroll, and maybe stop in for a cappuccino at one of the quaint little coffee shops.

Piedmont Park
1342 Worchester Dr. NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 875-7275

Piedmont Park is a very popular park in the city of Atlanta. Many events take place in the park each year. You can also enjoy an evening leisurely stroll, as the park is open until 11:00 pm each night. You can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, and a relaxing walk after a long day, and just unwind.There are over 211 acres in the park, just teaming with wildlife. You’re sure to see many animals and birds even on an evening stroll.

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Atlanta Botanical Gardens
1345 Piedmont Avenue
Atlanta, GA, 30309

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is adjacent to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. The gardens come alive at night and makes the perfect setting for a nice stroll. Among the many beautiful things in the gardens, on your stroll you will see Chihuly glass art that was left behind from an exhibit. The exhibit drew thousands of photographers from all over the world. Adding to the beauty and grace of the gardens themselves, garden visitors proclaim it is a spectacular sight to see.

Atlanta has many wonderful sights to see. It is a big noisy, bustling metropolis during the day time, but when the stars come out, it transforms in to an oasis of beauty and serenity. Whether you’re just visiting, vacationing, or are an Atlanta native, there is always something to do in Atlanta. Take that stroll after dark, and spend some quality time with friends or that special someone in your life. You’ll love all the sights and sounds of Atlanta.

Debbie Evans Taylor is a southern gal from Temple, GA that has a passion for writing, cooking and all things crafty. This grandma of six dreams of someday seeing the world. She’s happier than ever and loving life!