Sometimes during jury duty you can find yourself with some extra time to kill at lunch, depending upon the judge’s schedule. We’ve picked some of the best restaurants for you to grab a bite in Atlanta. The main courthouse downtown in Atlanta is located near Underground Atlanta, where there are several chains and other spots to choose from for your meal. You will want to keep your eye on your wallet, as it’s not the most posh area of town. 

Hudson Grille
120 Marietta St. N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 221-0102

Billed as “Atlanta’s best sports bar,” Hudson Grille is a relaxed place to grab a bite and catch up on your sports scores during jury duty. It delivers exactly what you’d want from a sports bar, in a comfortable environment. Tuck into a booth and a burger and enjoy your break. It’s also an easy place to meet up with colleagues for happy hour when you’re done with your service.

Alma Cocina
191 Peachtree St. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 968-9662

Alma Cocina is a great place to relax during jury duty. Its daily lunch hours are between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., and the contemporary Latin and Mexican cuisine is a real treat. There is plenty of space at the bar if you are dining solo and want to feel comfortable. If you’re done for the day, consider checking out the cocktail and tequila lists. 

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Thumbs Up Diner
573 Edgewood Ave. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 223-0690

If you’d like a taste of breakfast in the middle of your day, consider heading to Thumbs Up Diner. This is a great spot for a quick, filling lunch, delivered with a smile. Whether you are up for waffles or a burger, you won’t leave hungry. You may feel like taking a nap during your afternoon duty, though!

Nick’s Food to Go
240 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 521-2220

If you’re in the mood to grab and go, consider the Greek food option at Nick’s Food to Go. This family-run spot will satisfy your craving for favorites like spanakopita, souvlaki and, of course, gyros. You may want to bring along some mints for when you return to the jury room. You can sit on the benches outside the restaurant, or you can bring your lunch back to the courthouse. 

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