Best Local Trivia About Atlanta

February 8, 2014 8:00 AM

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Whether you are new to Atlanta or you’re a lifelong resident, there is always room for more knowledge about your hometown. Check out these fun facts we have gathered below. You will be sure to impress your friends at the next cocktail party, and they might even help you win a trivia contest at your local bar. You never know when a tidbit of interesting information will come in handy.

Peachtree From Pitch Tree

Visitors to Atlanta are always baffled by the proliferation of roads named “Peachtree” throughout the area. There are more than 65 road names containing “Peachtree” in town. It’s easy to feel like a character out of “Forrest Gump” when you start naming Peachtrees, but the name actually came from a Creek Native American village named for a “pitch tree.” Over time, Standing Pitch Tree evolved into Peachtree, and a maze of confusing roads was born.

Atlanta And The Fire
Gone with the Wind Museum
18 Whitlock Ave. N.W.
Marietta, GA 30064
(770) 794-5576

As anyone who has seen “Gone with the Wind” can tell you, Atlanta was destroyed by a fire during the Civil War. However, you may not be aware that Atlanta is the only American city to have been destroyed by a fire in an act of war. Stop in to Marietta’s Gone with the Wind museum to learn more about the novel and the fire itself. Marietta Square is also a lovely part of town to visit.

Six Flags Over Georgia
275 Riverside Parkway S.W.
Austell, GA 30168
(770) 739-3400

Everyone in Atlanta is familiar with the Six Flags amusement park. The roller coasters are a rite of passage for all Atlanta teenagers, from Buckhead to Stone Mountain. However, you may not know that the name Six Flags refers to the six flags which have flown over Georgia throughout the history of the state. Georgia has flown the flags of Spain, France, Great Britain, the United States, the Confederate States and, of course, Georgia. Thus, the name of the park references the survival of the state under various rulers and the endurance of its spirit, no matter who is in charge.

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Stone Mountain Theme Park
1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

The Stone Mountain laser show is another popular favorite event for families in Atlanta. One of the interesting facts about the mountain is that it is the largest single exposed hunk of granite in the world. As far as the carvings go, the image of Robert E. Lee is as tall as a nine-story building. While Atlanta may not have the skyscrapers of New York City, it does have a nine-story carving of a general. Check out the park’s website for additional interesting information.

Chicken Capital Of The World
Gainesville, GA

Unless you are from Gainesville, you may not be aware that this suburb’s claim to fame is that it is known as the “Chicken Capital of the World.” The town is known for its numerous poultry processing plants. There is even a monument containing a life-size chicken sculpture in the middle of town. Be sure to use your hands, though – some locals claim that it is illegal to eat the fried chicken in town with a fork.

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