Even with a few chills here and there, Atlanta is preparing for spring along with great anticipation of the summer months ahead. Many folks in Atlanta depend on their ‘jump start’ for the morning (any time of the year) for that good old coffee jolt in the morning. Placebo or not, many feel they cannot function until they have their daily “fix” of caffeine.

It is certainly a major part of the morning routine for lots of folks; and not always just for the morning. While a booster shot in the afternoon of one of the high energy drinks can satisfy the remedy for the afternoon “slump,” they are not as appetizing as a nice cup of coffee; enjoyed many different ways.

Ancestors would be amazed today that there are shops and stores created solely for the sheer enjoyment of the hot drink… but wait there is a new kid on the block that will appease the coffee appetites for the upcoming warm to hot days ahead. Iced coffee is becoming another form of refreshment that people are enjoying. Atlanta, the metropolitan/international city that it is, has become a mecca of shops and restaurants that take great pride in their iced-coffee presentations.

San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company
1660 Dekalb Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 377-2588

San Francisco Roasting at this location is one of several like it in the Atlanta Area. You may wish to follow them on Facebook where one customer posts “This place is a neighborhood treasure.” Great Service, the staff is always friendly and helpful, which Is useful when dealing with those of us who are still half asleep.

Highland Bakery
655 Highland Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30212
(404) 586-0772

Highland Bakery offers a variety of goodies from their bakery and sandwich shop. They also serve breakfast and brunch. Add nice serving of iced coffee to make your meal complete during these warm and warmer days coming to Atlanta.

Sugar Shack
4058 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30319
(404) 816-6161

Got a sweet tooth? Looking for that something special to go along with a nice tall glass of iced-coffee; stop by the Sugar Shack where you can choose from a huge variety of sweet goodness. Their made-to-order sweet treats go perfectly with a tall glass of their delicious iced coffee. Your pets are welcome at Sugar Shack but they must be kept outside.

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Aurora Coffee
468 Memorial Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 523-6856

Aurora offers a variety of choices in choosing your iced – coffee such as soy milk, almond milk as well as regular milk and cream. They serve gluten free desserts and a variety of Southern sweets. For more information about their fantastic coffee selections and directions check them out on Facebook.

Queen Of Cream
701 Highland Ave. N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 331-0807

Looking for a nice place for that laid back Sunday Brunch? Queen of Cream is a great place to enjoy a variety of ice cream treats with the entire family. They also have some excellent iced coffee available, along with light meals that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

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