Whether you want to walk hand-in-hand on the beach or just enjoy a quiet weekend at a mountain cabin, there are times when you need a vacation for just the two of you, without the little ones. When you’ve found a babysitter you trust to handle your charges for a night or two, then you need to figure out where to go. There are plenty of places just outside of Atlanta where parents can go to reconnect. Sometimes a quick trip can be just the thing to ignite that flame again.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is closer than you might think, only around five hours from Atlanta by car. It has plenty of Southern charm and history, with gorgeous estates like Middleton Place, home of the country’s earliest formal gardens. It’s an easily walkable city with plenty of restaurants. It’s even home to the second outpost of Atlanta’s favorite gelateria, Paolo’s. You can pop out to one of the local islands to dip your toes in the sand or simply enjoy a rest at one of the picturesque B&Bs located in town. 

Savannah, Georgia 

Most Atlanta residents have a strong preference for either Charleston or Savannah, but either one is a great spot for a parents’ getaway. Savannah has a sexy mystique, embodied in novels like “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” and one of the main characters, Lady Chablis, still performs regularly with a decidedly adults-only show. The Bonaventure Cemetery is a gorgeous place for a romantic stroll, and there are plenty of romantic restaurants in town – just avoid the Paula Deen spots if you want to feel romantic later.

Helen, Georgia

Helen is great for families, but it is also fun for parents on their own. If you want to let loose, there are plenty of German-style beer halls where you can indulge in lager and pretzels covered with cheese or mustard. You can also take hikes together through the beautiful woodland scenery, or you can float down the river on tubes. The cool mountain weather makes it a quiet, pleasant escape from the city. 

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Nashville, Tennessee

Even if you’re not a massive fan of country music, Nashville can be a great adult getaway from Atlanta. The Bluebird Cafe, featured on the television program “Nashville,” hosts open mic nights for singer-songwriters, and these intimate affairs are one of the most special events in town. You can also tour the massive replica of the Parthenon and the nearby park is a good spot for a relaxing walk. There are plenty of places for a satisfying meal away from the kids, and you can hear live music any night of the week.  

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Most people know Chattanooga as a family-friendly vacation spot due to the popular aquarium, but there are also great places for adults to hang out on their own. The Anna Ruby Falls underground cave tour offers evening tours that are great for parents without the kids. The artistic area of Chattanooga, located on the higher edge of the hilly town, features a couple of lovely B&Bs where you can recharge and enjoy some beautiful views of the river. There is also an outdoor sculpture garden and several artist shops and antique stores to make for a great escape from the little ones. 

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