From the King of Pops carts to the full truck of Viet-Nomie’s, Atlanta’s food trucks have come a long way from the tired old hot dog vendors of yore. These days, there are several food truck parks located throughout the city, and the trucks are a popular place for co-workers to grab a quick bite during the week. On weekends, the city is full of outdoor festivals and parties, and you will be sure to find a row of food trucks at most such events. We have selected some of our favorites below – did yours make the list?

King of Pops (Credit, Keely Herrick)

King of Pops

If you are at just about any outdoorsy event in Atlanta, you will see the King of Pops carts, usually with a telling line of customers. Three brothers from Atlanta were on a vacation in Central America when they fell in love with the local ice pops. Eventually, they left behind careers in law and finance to start up a pops business back home, and the unusual flavors are wildly pop-ular. From coconut banana orange to thin mint, the range of flavors ensures that there is always something new for even the most avid fans to try.

Viet-Nomie's (Credit, Keely Herrick)


At the various arts festivals around Atlanta during the warmer months, it’s often difficult to find a lunch option that isn’t heavily fried. Viet-Nomie’s is a great alternative to the funnel cakes and chicken nuggets, with authentic Vietnamese cuisine. It is healthy and tasty and won’t leave you too full to keep enjoying the festival. There is a full restaurant on Buford Highway, and check the website for the current location of the truck.

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Yum Yum Cupcake

The name says it all – this cupcake truck is usually the belle of the ball at every summer event in Atlanta. From theatrical benefits to festivals in the park, the YumYum sign always signifies an array of delicious sweet treats. The flavors are given women’s names and you may find yourself cheating on Ruby (red velvet) with Sabrina (chocolate cake with marshmallow buttercream and graham cracker crumbs). They are big enough to share, but you may finish one before you’ve realized it.

If you have been to Belgium, you will have brought home a taste for the local treat of fries (just don’t call them French in Belgium) dipped in various sauces. Atlanta’s Fry Guy truck makes a bunch of different savory flavors and sauces you will love. If you are just looking for a snack to share while walking around an outdoor event, this is a great, inexpensive choice. The truck is available to cater your party as well.

Mix’D Up Food Truck

Mix’D Up brings a rock ‘n roll aesthetic to food trucks, even going so far as to call fans of the trucks “groupies.” The food is well-made, basic food truck fare with options for burgers, sliders, sandwiches and sides. You will want to dig in to the savory mac ‘n’ cheese bites – basically hush puppies filled with cheesey goodness. Mix’D Up is also available to cater personal parties and events.

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