For centuries, it has been widely held that the incorporation of a cherished family pet to a household can enhance the lives of the people who love it. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), about 78.2 million dogs and 86.4 million cats are owned across the U.S.  While many pet owners may acquire their new furry friends through a family member, acquaintance, rescue society, humane shelter or pet store, the benefits of obtaining a dog or cat through a breeder are abundant. Animals that are acquired from a reputable breeder are often disease-free, have even temperaments and may come complete with a pedigree and American Kennel Club (AKC), Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) or registration. To find a trustworthy breeder, the AKC and CFA both offer breeder referrals. The following are considered among the best breeders in Atlanta. 

Atlanta Haus
Rottweiler Breeder
Atlanta, GA
(678) 778-0437 

For dog lovers who want a pup with real muscle and a solid history as an intimidating guard dog, German rottweiler puppies may be the answer. These beautiful dogs were originally bred for cattle herding and often benefit from training to adapt to their owners’ needs as a family pet, companion animal or a formidable means of security. Atlanta Haus, also known as ZwingerVom Schutzlowen-Blut, boasts two generations and 40 years of championship Rottweiler breeding. Its world-class breeding stock is AKC- and ADRK (Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Club)- registered.

Carenna Labrador Retrievers
AKC Breeder of Merit
Marietta, GA

According to the AKC, the playful, family-friendly labrador retriever maintains its reign at number one as the most popular breed in the U.S. for a 22nd consecutive year. Carenna Labrador Retrievers is an AKC Breeder of Merit that has been breeding these lovable pups since 1976 with the purchase of its first labrador retriever imported from England. Since then, Carenna has been the breeder of multiple AKC Champions and countless much-loved family pets.

Dogwood Gap Kennels
Breeder of Pomeranians, Chihuahuas and Pom-Chis
Sylvania, GA
(912) 425-9332

Dog lovers and believers of the proverb “good things come in small packages” may want to consider a few undeniably adorable breeds like pomeranians, chihuahuas or the perky and personable cross-breed of pom-chis. Dogwood Gap Kennels in the east Georgia city of Sylvania is AKC inspected and state licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Division of Animal Protection. Its pups range in size from two to seven pounds, are vet checked and come complete with health guarantee, first shots and wormings. Full AKC registration and pedigrees are available for an additional charge.

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Britishblue Cattery
Atlanta, GA
(678) 586-5847

Cat people are sure to love the soft charcoal fur and friendly nature of the British Blue breed. It’s no wonder why it has been one of the most popular breeds in the U.K. registered by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). These fabulous felines can be found right here in the state of Georgia thanks to breeders like the Britishblue Cattery. All of its cats and kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and many of its breeding stock are imported from overseas, stemming from distinguished European Champion lines.

Daniel’s Den
Augusta, GA
(706) 945-9336

Cat fanciers who prefer that their furry friends are particularly furry will love the Himalayan breed. Originally derived from cross-breeding the Persian with the Siamese, Himalayan are often recognized for their bright blue eyes, beautiful coats and point coloration (its face, tail and/or feet are likely to be a different color from the rest of its body). Daniel’s Den is a CFA-registered cattery in Augusta, Georgia that specializes in both traditional and doll-faced Himalayan cats.

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