Best Atlanta Area Paintball

April 12, 2011 4:22 PM


If you have an overwhelming urge to unleash your inner weekend warrior, paintball is a great way to go. Our list of the best places around Atlanta to play paintball includes Paintball Atlanta, Classic Paintball and Nitro Paintball.

paintballatlanta Best Atlanta Area Paintball


Paintball Atlanta

10922 Alpharetta Hwy
Roswell, GA 30076

Paintball Atlanta pays a great deal of attention to the safety of players. Their referees are attentive to making sure players keep their goggles on while on the field and barrels plugged when off the field. For some, this focus on safety can be distracting, while to others it is a mark of professionalism. The paint is more expensive here ($80 for a case of 2000 paintballs), but they have a large amount of land to cover (7 different battle zones) and staff costs besides. You can cut the paint cost with a membership. They also charge to refill air. FYI: there’s no pro shop. Ages 11 and up.

classicpaintball Best Atlanta Area Paintball


Classic Paintball

1320 Blairs Bridge Road
Lithia Springs, Georgia 30122

Five playing fields and an urban environment offer good variety for players. There’s a pro shop on site. Some players grouse that the attention to the chronometers is not what it should be, but broadly the place is well regarded as a good place for newbies and veterans alike. The refs do a good job of balancing teams with experienced players. It’s a good value: $20 if you have your own gear (includes field fee and replacement air) or $35 for a Tippman 98 custom, mask, 500 paintballs and all day air. Ages 10 and up.

nitropaintball Best Atlanta Area Paintball


Nitro Paintball

204A Lower Bethany Road
Canton, GA 30114

If you’re looking for a good woodsball game, Nitro’s your spot. It is an especially good place for first timers, the staff take special care to explain everything thoroughly. The refs have a good attitude and there’s a nice diversity of fields to play on. The staff is widely praised by players as being extremely friendly and attentive, not surprising since it is family owned and operated. There is a strong emphasis on making sure everyone is having fun. It’s probably the best bet on this list for first timers, while also being welcoming to veterans. Prices are comparable to Classic Paintball. Ages 10 and up.