Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year. It’s the time for costumes, candy and house decorations. Budget and time are important when planning your Halloween home decor, and the following techniques are creative and don’t break the bank. Some tips require store-purchased items, but not all. When reading the tips, make sure to keep an open mind and ask yourself, “Can I find items around the house to replicate the decoration?” That should help with budgeting and boost creativity.

Here, local Atlanta Halloween decoration expert Mike Ivens shared a couple ideas on how to decorate your home during the Halloween season. If you need to pick up some of our suggestions here, or want to achieve your own creepy look for the holiday, stop by and visit them at Norcostco Atlanta Costume and get all suited up. From strobe lights to fog and coffins, the ideas are creative, fun and easy to replicate. The following tips will come in handy for all who enjoy participating in the Halloween festivities.

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Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are essential for creating an uneasy atmosphere. Whether used at a high speed in a dark room, or a slow “tick” in a lit room, strobe lighting is a must-have for decorating your house for Halloween. Just disorienting enough to leave guests unsure of exactly what’s going on, they make a perfect haunted house effect, or cast eerie lights for trick-or-treaters who might stop by. 


Fog machines provide many different uses for decorating your house during Halloween. You can fill up a room to allow light beams to come into view, or you can use a dry ice fogger to give the effect of low-crawling swamp fog for an entryway or front porch. Set it out in front of your door to create a creepy effect as people cross the threshold; its a simple but effective way to set your home apart this year. 

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Red Lighting Gels

Red lighting is a staple for horror movies and haunted houses. While the immediate idea is that red is for Valentine’s Day, too much of the color can cause people to become irritated, agitated and ultimately angry — a good fit for giving your house an uneasy feel. Lighting gels are an inexpensive way to add color to existing exterior or interior light fixtures.  Blue, purple or green can also give a house a spooky feeling. 


This prop is pretty obvious. Norcostco Atlanta Costume has one available to rent!  Fill it will a prop skeleton, or even candy. Another alternative would be to find a big rectangular cardboard box and paint it. It will be inexpensive and relatively fast to make, and can provide lots of fun and fright for your guests or visitors.  

Black Lights

Another staple for a horror theme, black lighting can bring out the whites, give an eerie glow to anyone in the house, and can highlight UV paint, makeup or props that we have available.

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