Atlanta is fast becoming one of the hottest go-to cities for Hollywood, and high end retailers are taking note. With a brand new billion dollar shopping district just opening in Buckhead, Atlanta, this summer will offer locals some of the hottest trends right off the Spring 2015 runway. Movie and television costume production designer and buyer Kirby Emile said “this summer Atlanta will be be on trend with the likes of New York displaying some of the hottest ready to wear styles. The Atlanta fashion scene is about to be buzzing and runway ready.”

Kirby Emile
Costume Production Designer/Costume Buyer

Movie & Television
Atlanta, GA

Kirby Emile has a true passion for fashion that spans from the early age of 10 years old. A graduate from Georgia State University with a Political Science degree, she took that passion further by congruently obtaining a Fashion Merchandising Degree from Barter College Atlanta. After getting her start interning at Tyler Perry Studios as a costume production assistant on the film “Good Deeds” she has parlayed that experience, working on big budget films and hit television shows such as Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and the Sundance hit show Rectify, among other noteworthy television and movie credits to her name as a style and fashion expert. When asked about the hottest Summer trends in Atlanta, she didn’t mix words on how interesting this summer will be for the city of Atlanta. Here are some of the hottest summer trends in Atlanta according to expert Kirby Emile.

90s Meet The 70s

History tends to repeat itself and last season reemergence of 90s style was. According to Kirby this will continue to play a huge part in trends this summer. However, the 70s will also be getting some shine, too. For instance, there will still be baggy jeans and novelty prints, but there will also be culottes and patchwork. Boho chic styles, sultry and curly glam blowouts, and long tresses with middle parts will be all the rave this summer.

Denim Dynasty

Say hello to all things denim and goodbye to your favorite skinny jeans. This Summer in Atlanta denim will be a huge trend. There will be denim everything from tops, to skirts, dresses and hats. There will be lots of jeans of many silhouettes including flared, baggy, and culottes. According to Kirby, we’ll also see more Canadian tuxedos. For those of you not hip on the fashion lingo that’s denim jackets with denim jeans.

Showing Some Skin

If you haven’t started hitting the gym, now’s the time because one of the hottest summer trends in Atlanta will be bra tops, crop tops and midriffs. These will be great to pair with a cropped jacket, or chiffon flyaway cardigan over it. According to Kirby, you may want to stay away from carbs if you plan on rocking this particular trend this summer.

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Dressing For Prints

The dresses for this summer will have so many different styles and prints to choose from. According to Kirby, there will be floral dresses, shirt dresses, backless dresses, military style dresses, lace dresses and kimono dresses. Paired with these amazing options will be floral prints, gingham patterns, pop art and novelty prints, and stripes.

Accessories Are Your Best Friend

According to Kirby there will be much focus on accessories as always because we all know they give an extra pop that every look needs. These will be some of the hottest accessories this summer.

  • Stone pendants
  • Big brim hats
  • Buttons and patches
  • Hair garnishes
  • Large, statement necklaces and earrings
  • Chokers and tube necklaces
  • Wooden jewelry
  • Feather and fur jewelry
  • Cuffs
  • Hippie and vintage inspired pieces

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