Spring in Atlanta means the Dogwood blossoms are blooming, the pollen is covering cars like snow, and as the winter coats are shed, fashion once again takes center stage. While some think New York and Los Angeles are the fashion capitals of the country, Atlanta has gained a reputation for forward-thinking, ingenuity, and creativity when it comes to all things fashion. From hair trends to beauty trends to fashion itself, Atlanta can teach the rest of the country a few things, y’all.

Here are six fashion forward trends for spring in Atlanta from two fashionistas who understand what it takes to look good at all times.

Tiffini Gatlin

With bright lips and funky hair, Tiffini Gatlin (center) stands out in a crowd.

Tiffini Gatlin
Editorial director And founder, Tastemaker Magazine
Atlanta, GA

Tiffini Gatlin is well-known in Atlanta for being on the cusp of fashion. She is the editorial director and founder of the slick online magazine, Tastemaker Magazine, creator of Curlkalon, which produces textured synthetic hair in a variety of lengths and curl patterns, and an overall go-to gal on her blog site, atlgotogirl.com. Tiffini is a trendsetter and a trendmaker (in addition to a tastemaker). Here are her three fashion-forward trends for Spring in Atlanta:

Go Thrifting

Thrifting is a great way to stay on trend without breaking the bank. Take the Atlanta Thrifting Bus Tour for the best thrift shops in Atlanta and for help finding amazing vintage pieces.

Rock A Turban 

Turbans offer a protective option for hair and can help to turn any bad hair day into a fab one. Go for bright and funky patterns that stand out. In Atlanta, head to Lewis and Sheron Textiles in the Westside Provision District for amazing fabrics from which to choose.

Focus On The Shoes

Not sure about being able to pull off a trend? Just focus on the shoes. Make friends and co-workers envious with on-trend styles from sites like Shoe Dazzle that allow for fashionable pieces at enviously low prices. Also, be sure to check out Scout Mob Atlanta for local shoe boutiques offering up to 50 percent off the retail value. By not spending a lot of money, tiptoe with ease into the trends this spring.

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Blownaway app

Blownaway stylists can help get clients on trend for Spring...in their homes.

Ellen Flowers
Beauty director, Blownaway App
Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX

When thinking about fashion-forward trends, don’t forget hair and make-up. Ellen Flowers is the beauty director of the new service Blownaway, that recently launched in Atlanta. Like Uber, Blownaway uses an app (or their website) to offer on-demand hair, makeup and nail services in a client’s home or office. Stylists are thoroughly vetted, including their taste and talent level. As mobile aestheticians, they are at the forefront of the beauty world. Here are Ellen’s three fashion forward trends as they relate to beauty.

70’s Inspired Hair

When thinking spring in Atlanta, think Bohemian and fringe when it comes to hairstyles. Boho-Chic, associated with celebrities like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss a decade ago, is totally back in.

Think Waves And Ponytails

Soft, natural and easy are the adjectives that should describe hair this season. This is good news as the humidity and high temperatures start to roll in.

Orange For Makeup And Nails

Blownaway made tangerine the April color of the month for nails because it is so on-trend right now. As a bonus, it provides a bright pop of color perfect for even the most buttoned-up environments.

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