For years, Bill Bender has studied trends. Bill has worked with major agencies like J. Walter Thompson, Bozell and BBDO where he gained experience in virtually every type of industry, from packaged goods to technology and more. He has worked with companies on branding, positioning, lead generation and public relations/creative management. He’s spent years studying qualitative and quantitative research, plus the ever-changing needs of consumers and business customers. It’s his job to know and study trends. So, let’s take a look at what trends Bill thinks will continue into 2015.

Bill Bender (Courtesy of Bill Bender)

Bill Bender
Partner at Persuasion Agent
Marietta, GA
(404) 290-3464

As one of the partners of Marietta-based Persuasion Agent, a new-age advertising agency that is changing perceptions and moving the needle, Bill Bender has his finger on the pulse of trends in America. “Our team has decades of experience in developing relevant, persuasive messaging for a wide range of clients in healthcare, financial services, technology, education, automotive and other challenging categories,” explains Bender. “We are agents of change, dedicated to providing B2B and B2C marketing programs that make a real, bottom-line difference in each client’s business.” Bender and his team study trends so they can help their clients make decisions when it comes to marketing and creating marketing solutions.

Mobile’s Continued Growth And Importance In Marketing

Our smartphone is the one device we have with us at all times. Bender says that mobile devices have pretty much taken over our lives. “Research coming out of marketplace says ‘mobile’ is so strong that it will soon pass television as the medium we now use the most,” says Bender. “Mobile is now our first screen.” Expect the avalanche that is mobile to keep building and growing in 2015 and beyond.

Importance Of A Simple And Concise “Brand” For Individuals And Companies

Bender says that not only will “branding” be a big buzzword as we move into 2015, but it will get people thinking. Individuals and organizations can no longer just sway in the wind. Individuals and organizations need to know who they are and also who their customers are. This is accomplished by establishing a brand. “Branding is key,” says Bender. “Follow the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) model.” Bender says it takes a lot of work to get your brand and your message down to a simple statement, but it’s necessary.

Use Of Social Media Content Marketing By Businesses

There might be no better person in the Atlanta area to give his thoughts on content marketing than Bender. “Certainly it (social media) has been a trend in 2014 and it will continue into 2015,” explains Bender. “The use of social media for business and the content marketing used with it. It’s a way for companies to prove their expertise and leadership in a field to their target audience.”

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Continuing Need for Mutual Understanding and Respect Among All People

It doesn’t matter where you live, there is a need for people to have a better understanding of their fellow citizens and neighbors. This has been a problem since ancient times, and it still is today. Will we ever achieve this? No. Bender says it’s a work in progress and something that does take work. The recent troubles in Ferguson, MO brought new light to one aspect of this ongoing struggle, and it lets us know there is much work to be done within our own borders and internationally in 2015 and beyond.

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