Shopping online is a convenient way to get what you are looking for without actually leaving your home. For most people, shopping can be very frustrating, especially when looking for a specific item. Fortunately, the internet makes it much easier to research the item(s), compare shop prices and access discounts at the click of a mouse. While many people still haven’t gotten the hang of shopping online and finding the best deals, Alise Suggs shares some tips on finding the best deals online.

Alise Suggs
Chaotic Passion
Atlanta, GA 

Alise Suggs is the co-owner and founder of Chaotic Passion, an online boutique for the fashionable, yet trendy. Alise and her sister Regina, co-owner of Chaotic Passion, travel to different cities to host pop-up shops to take note on what shoppers really want and need. During these pop-up shops, the owners of Chaotic Passion are able to determine exactly what will keep shoppers coming back. As an Atlanta resident, Alise knows what other Atlanta residents should look for when shopping online while on a budget.

Be Patient

While frequent online shoppers don’t mind searching their favorite e-tailers week after week, some just want to find exactly what they are looking for with a first look. If you are looking to get a 20- or 30-percent-off deal, wait a couple of weeks to see if the item you have had your eye on goes on sale. Many e-tailers provide shoppers with free shipping if the order reaches a threshold of some sort. Also, e-tailers with high inventory will host a random sale on a certain day of the week or at a certain time of the day, so stay connected. In this case, “patience is a virtue” and can score you some major savings.

Shop Holidays 

The best deals are during the holiday season. Post-holiday sales during the days leading up to another major holiday are the best times to save, especially on electronics and clothing. Items go on sale right before the holiday and are marked down even lower after the holiday. The best times to catch a major sale is right before Valentine’s Day, during the back-to-school season, on Cyber Monday and on Black Friday. Remember, many online retailers host online exclusive sales, as well, during these times.

Take Advantage Of Rewards

Like brick-and-mortar retailers, e-tailers look forward to frequent and loyal shoppers and because of this, most e-tailers offer rewards programs that are meant to keep customers coming back. Don’t be afraid to become a rewards member. Most of the time when you sign up for emails, or take surveys, the e-tailer will reward shoppers by giving them points toward the next purchase. Along with points being rewarded, e-tailers send out exclusive sale information or give shoppers a certain percentage off when they sign up for email offers and promotions. It is always good to remain opened minded and share as much personal information that you are comfortable with to get rewards, especially if you plan to buy from the same company again.

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Shop In Between Seasons

Have you ever heard the phrase “First In, First Out?” This phrase is mostly used when it comes to rotating food in restaurants and food retailers, but it is actually relevant in all types of retailers. Toward the end of each season, retails mark down items from the previous season to make room for items for the upcoming season. This is also a great time to stock up on items you have had your eye on for a while. Don’t fret when it comes to shopping in between seasons, because in most cases shoppers find items they can wear or use all year round.

Apps Save You Time And Money

Your computer isn’t the only useful tool for online shopping. With thousands of apps being released on a monthly basis, included in those are retail apps. To help with your online searches, check out apps that already have merchandise prices compared. There are also apps that allow you to keep track of all of your wish lists, track all of your purchases, keep track of receipts from online purchases and send notifications straight to your smart phone on when certain offers will expire. Be sure to check out retailer apps, as well. These apps are essential to keeping track of deals at your favorite retailer.

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