It’s that one football game everyone wants to watch. I’m talking about the Super Bowl, and it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, or if you even have a rooting interest in the game; everyone wants to go to a Super Bowl party to see not only the game, but everything else going on around the game. Food, drink and inviting the right people are all taken into consideration for Super Bowl Sunday. Sure the game and the play on the field matter, but Super Bowl revelers expect more than a big screen television and some potato chips. SportsRadio 92.9 The Game show host, Mitch Evans, a veteran of many Super Bowls and Super Bowl parties weighs in with his tips.

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When Atlanta wants to talk sports at night, they turn on the familiar voice of Mitch Evans on SportsRadio 92.9 The Game. A graduate of Arizona State University, Evans has been a fixture on the radio air waves of Atlanta for almost 20 years. “The Mitch Evans Experience” takes place every weeknight starting at 11 p.m., and it’s where you can talk Falcons, Braves, Hawks and college sports with a respected and fair voice on Atlanta’s sports landscape. The Brooklyn, NY native has won multiple broadcasting awards including an honor from the Georgia Associated Press Broadcasters Association. Evans mixes guests with his own banter and sometimes delves off sports as his “You Cannot be Serious” and “Wireless Wednesday” segments bring some depth and more opinion to his sports takes. Evans has attended Super Bowls in person and crashed many a Super Bowl party in his life. Here are his tips for the perfect Super Bowl party.

Provide Enough Seating

Comfort while watching football is key, starts Evans. He said hosts must have enough seating available for everyone in attendance, whether they want to sit or not. Not every seat has to face the TV, but an assortment of seating in one to three different rooms would give those wanting to watch the game and the commercials or half-time show a place to call home. Seating in an adjacent room gives those wanting to converse about something other than football a spot to relax.


When they show that close up of Bill Belichick or Andy Reid, one must have an HDTV to see what the stress of being an NFL coach does to a man in their 50s. That may seem like an argument against HDTV, but Evans says that a host must have an HDTV in every room, including the bathroom. To get a feel of the game, surround sound is a necessity in the main viewing room.

Squares Game

“There must be the obligatory Squares game for every quarter,” says Evans. “This is Super Bowl party 101, an absolute staple.” With 100 squares on the board, numbers 0-9 for each team can be sold or randomly assigned to guests. Winners are crowned at the end of each quarter, including the end of the game, depending on the game’s score. Prizes are distributed to the winners. There is both luck and skill involved in a Squares game.

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“A killer guacamole made with ripe avocados, fresh cilantro, tomato, onion, lemon/lime, salt/pepper, minced garlic and a touch of corn would be a great choice, as this is my personal recipe,” says Evans. Evans also says crispy chips are a must, as are Buffalo wings (preferably baked), homemade brick oven pizza, Swedish meat balls and ice cold beer.

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