Ask An Atlanta Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

November 21, 2014 7:00 AM

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For many families, part of the lead up to the holidays is arts and crafts with your children. Such is and was the case for Powder Springs resident Grace Martin. A hobbyist, Martin spent the last 30 years as a teacher in Georgia Public School System and has always been interested in crafting. Holiday-themed arts and crafts not only gives the kids something to do, but they can usually do something fun with the finished product.

Grace Martin
Arts and Crafts Enthusiast
Powder Springs, GA 30127

A mother of three and a grandmother of seven, Grace Martin knows her arts and crafts, especially when it comes to fall and the Thanksgiving holiday. The Powder Springs resident was a public school teacher for 30 years and has spent 20 years working with kids in grades 1-3 each weekend in Sunday School. She loves the fall and she loves to craft. Here are some great Thanksgiving craft ideas for the whole family.

Turkey Handprints

Turkey handprints are everyone’s favorite. You will need paper and some acrylic or watercolor paint and five paint brushes. Paint your child’s palm and thumb with brown paint. Don’t press it down yet, because you are going to paint each finger a different color. One should be red, one orange, one yellow and one green. Now press the hand to your paper. Next with your paint, add legs and feet, a beak and a red wattle. You can paint the eye or add a googly eye.

Owl On A Branch

All you need is paper and some acrylic paint or watercolor paint (both wash off easily with soap and water), and of course a paint brush. First paint a simple brown branch that you might find in your yard. Then paint your child’s hand print on the paper in a light gray color. Place your child’s hand a little above the branch and press down. Now would be a good time for that soap and water. Next come back to your little gray owl and add big white circles for the first step of your owl’s eyes. Next add a beak and some brown claw feet holding on to the branch. Go back to your owl’s eyes and add the iris and pupil of the eyes. You may want to make one eye closed as if winking, or maybe both eyes closed as if sleeping on the branch. You may also want to add a moon in the background to symbolize the harvest moon.

Cardboard Bat

Bats fly around in the fall, so what not pick up from where Halloween left off and make some bats from empty toilet rolls. You will need a toilet roll, black paint, googly eyes and black construction paper. Paint the toilet roll with the black paint. Let it dry. Next make “bat” wings out of construction paper. Glue the wings to the toilet roll. Add the google eyes. Fill the roll with a treat.

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Turkey Cookie Pop

For this you will need vanilla Oreo cookies, candy corn, Nutter Butter bit cookies, a little red icing, piped white icing, piped black icing or candy eyes, a pop stick and a brown ribbon. First stick your pop stick in the Oreo cookie. Add candy corn “feathers.” Lay your cookie flat. Use the white icing to “glue” the Nutter Butter Bits cookie to the bottom part of the Oreo cookie to make your turkey’s head. Add a candy corn beak using the white piped icing as “glue.” You can add the candy eyes with the white piped icing or make your eyes using the white piped icing and the black piped icing. Use the red icing to make a wattle. Lastly, tie your brown ribbon under the Oreo cookie and you have your beautiful and seasonal turkey cookie pop.

Thanksgiving Trail Mix

Here’s a fall craft project that you can eat. Children love to add the ingredients together and mix them. You can use a cup measure for them to help you make the mix. Where does the craft part come in? The bags that you put the trail mix in can be decorated. Good items to add to the trail mix are fall-colored m&ms, peanuts, Chex Mix cereals, candy corn, butterscotch chips or chocolate chips and raisins. You can use regular interlocking baggies to put your mix in or you can buy Thanksgiving specialty bags at a craft store. You can top your bag with a homemade tag.

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