Carla Foster is the owner of Carson Bryce Trading Co. It is an antique shop and Apothecary, specializing in Old World charm. Carla named her business after her infant son who passed away. While Carson’s life on this planet was brief (only 30 days), his legacy has inspired Carla’s dreams and she lives it daily. People from all over the city enjoy the personally chosen gifts that Carson Bryce offers and rave about the excellent customer service. Check out the Facebook page for updates and reviews, or visit the virtual store on Etsy.

Carla Foster
Carson Bryce Trading Co.
532 Flat Shoals
Atlanta, GA 30316
(678) 637-0159

“We were raised in the South and were taught that when you visit a home for the first time, you never go empty handed. A gift is a must. Always. I have several rules that I try to abide by when considering what to choose, and I hope that they help you to select the perfect gift too. After all, it wouldn’t be a true holiday season without meeting up with family and friends.” 

Tip 1: Thoughtfulness

“Don’t just run into a store and grab a gift card. Handmade is an extension of love. Bring something that they can use for this event and for future events. At Carson Bryce, we keep beautiful French serveware, ironstone pitchers, pretty bowls, serving platters and also offer engraved utensils. Recipients will always use these and remember that it came from you.”

Tip 2: It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive To Be Thoughtful

“Soaps, candles, wine; people appreciate small sentiments, gifts that last, that continue to offer that sentiment. Cost is insignificant. It matters not how much you spend on the gift; the gesture is invaluable! Gift certificates should be a last resort, but if you know your host’s favorite store and are at a loss for the perfect gift, don’t feel bad getting a gift card. Carson Bryce has gift cards for its great selection of gifts.” 

Tip 3: Buy Handmade Gifts

“Handmade gifts are made with so much love and care; why not extend the same sentiment to the hosthostess? Among our most popular handmade items are lovely handmade soaps, candles, lip balms, body butters and home care solutions. They all come packaged beautifully and smell heavenly!”

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Tip 4: Edible Gifts And Flowers

“Homemade cookies in a cute box tied with twine makes an awesome gift. We offer cookies prepared by our partner Dough Re Mi cookies; accompany them with a handmade ‘Thank You’ card as an awesome gesture. Flowers should arrive in a vessel. It’s one less thing the host or hostess has to do when preparing their home for guests. For example, choose from an array of antique mason jars and glass apothecary bottles we offer. The lovely jar and bottles will hold great memories long after the flowers have gone.” 

Tip 5: Monograms

“Everyone loves their own initials. There are so many lovely gifts that can be monogrammed and displayed around the recipient’s house both decoratively and with great utility; they can be used and enjoyed for a long time to come. A really nice monogramming font is a huge plus, and we offer an array of vintage industrial letters and marquis.” 

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