Finding the right babysitter is one of the most difficult decisions a parent must make. It used to be that you would just call the 14-year-old down the street and she would schlep down keep the kids occupied for a few hours and put the youngest ones to bed.Not so anymore says Alpharetta, Georgia-based, Certified Professional Career Coach Becky Berry.

“Investing time in vetting and screening potential sitters can give you the peace of mind to leave home with confidence that your children will be well cared for,” explains Berry.

Berry says before you make a decision, you must know your family and any idiosyncrasies your children might have when it comes to special routines, eating habits and any other requirements that would be expected of a babysitter.

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If you are looking to launch a new career or take make the most of your current position, Becky Berry is someone who can help. Berry is a certified career coach specializing in helping people with ADD and Asperger’s Syndrome find jobs and keep them. She also was an educator for many years. She’s mom, a step-mom and the oldest of six siblings. She brings a wealth of experience from the real world and and academia to any situation. As for babysitting, Berry says as you build your business and brand, remember to check your potential clients’ references just like they will check yours. Follow through on several of these tips and watch business take off!

Ask For Recommendations

Ask people you trust and know for recommendations. Those at church, preschool daycare or even work. Berry gives great advice in to ask people who have families like yours. The next step is to make a list of the top five candidates that you’d like to call. Berry says not to leave any stone unturned in finding the right person.

Set Up Phone Calls With Candidates

Prepare a list of questions to ask the candidates, including any certifications they have, like CPR or a lifeguard designation. Quiz them about various scenarios to see how they would handle them. Ask if the candidate has experience caring for children from families like yours — multiple children, infants, toddlers and maybe older children. Make sure they are aware if children have food allergies and the general makeup of your family.

Get References

Get references from each candidate on your list  and check them. Ask the references if the sitter had to deal with any scenarios that you asked about or discussed in your chat. This might be some of the best information you will get about the potential sitters. Based on the reference checks, you will hopefully get to know your candidates a little better.

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The Home Visit

Berry says you should always ask the candidate to come for a visit to see how the candidate interacts with you and your children. If they are a younger candidate, ask one of the parents to come, too. You can learn a lot from their interactions with their parent and with you and your children. It will also allow the babysitter a chance to see your home environment and establish a comfort level.

The Dry Run

After all the deliberation and research, it’s time to give the candidate a try and a chance to prove his or herself. Try a dry run, leaving the sitter with your children while you leave for 20 minutes or so. After you return, see what the reactions are from both parties. You may have found yourself the perfect babysitter.

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