Nicole Dover, director of marketing and communications for HEMC, shares tips for lowering your energy bill. So stay toasty and cozy when the cold winter winds blow in. And stay as fresh as a Steel Magnolia in the sweltering Georgia heat.

Nicole Dover
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Keep Your Thermostat Efficient And Happy

A key way to save money on your energy bill is to lower your thermostat a notch or two when leaving your home. Once you return, recover the heating system to around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A happy and efficient thermostat makes for happy and efficient energy bills. A good rule of thermostat thumb for saving on your energy bill: in the winter, your thermostat should be set to  68 degrees. In the summer months, your thermostat should read 78 degrees. Keep your thermostat efficient and happy and keep your year prosperous and bright.

Cool The Hot Flashes

We all like our laundry fresh and clean. You use up to 90 percent of energy when you launder in hot water. Switch from hot to cold for energy efficient laundry. Your freshly washed laundry will be clean as ever. Plus, the loose change you leave in your jean pockets will multiply with each monthly energy bill if you switch from hot to cold. Cool the hot flashes, and extra money finds it way back to you. From hot to cold — the way to go for 2016.

Keep Your Refrigerator Happy

Keep your refrigerator humming to a tasty and energy efficient tune. Cull out unused food and throw in a few energy efficient tips while you’re culling. Cleaning the coils and replacing worn seals works wonders on your monthly energy bill. Your energy bill and your refrigerator will thank you for a job well done. Keep your refrigerator happy, your energy efficient, and your pockets full in 2016 and beyond. Also keep the refrigerator door closed when not in use. As the old children’s phone prank goes, “Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it.” Clean the coils, replace the seals, cull unused food, and there will be no running after the refrigerator. But you will lower your energy bill.

Use A Small Fan

We Southerners like to stay cool and refreshed on those sweltering summer days. When you’re indoors on summer days, use a small fan and create a refreshing indoor breeze. Or, as any true Southerner knows, a front porch and ice tea works wonders too. Ice tea, front porches, fans and saving money — welcome to a energy efficient summertime in the South.

Bid A Fond Farewell To Winds And Drafts

During the winter months the winds come knocking at our doors like an unannounced guest. Seal up holes and gaps around exterior doors and windows to give the winds a toasty punch back to the great outdoors. Bid a fond farewell to those pesky winter winds and drafts when they come knocking unannounced and say a happy hello to your winter energy savings. A toasty cozy winter awaits, a southerner’s dream come true.

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