You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to achieve some amazing results with your Halloween makeup. In fact, all of these YouTube instructional videos make Halloween makeup super accessible to anyone looking to do some fun face painting, and much, much more. None of them require prosthetics, and all of them use products that are easily accessible.

Create a Scar

This general tutorial from BeautifulYouTV can be helpful for all sorts of Halloween looks…as long as a scar is part of your attire. Whether it’s across your face or around your mouth, Karina simplifies things and spells out exactly what you need to do: draw a sketch, layer on rigid collodion to create a multi-dimensional scar, set with powder, cover with concealer, and then make the wound look fresh with some pink lipstick or lip gloss. But just take a peek at the video to see it firsthand.


If Walking Dead is one of your favorite shows, then you’re going to need some great makeup (because, let’s be real, wearing rags just won’t cut it, nor will a light foundation only). Mareya Ketchum goes into detail about how to achieve just the right undead look, complete with a color wheel for bruises (to achieve a sunken look), fake blood around the tear ducts, and even using eyelash glue for wounds. From the eyes to the teeth, this is a full zombie look.

Corpse Bride

Whether you want to look like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, or simply want to look like a pretty walking corpse, then view this tutorial from YouTuber Dope2111. She shows how easy it is to achieve a ghostly look with white, blue and gray cream makeup, and also how to achieve big round eyes with white eye liner. But the key to this look is shading using eye shadow; not only can it give added dimension to the ghostly face, but it also slims the neck line.

Skull Makeup

For a scarier look, turn into a skeleton with some tips from Jennie (a.k.a. Bargain Princess). This tutorial shows how to use a combination of black eye liner, jumbo white eye pencil, translucent powder, and black eye shadow to create a ghastly skeletor look — finished with some creepy white teeth that are blended and defined. Jennie also shows how to extend the skeleton look down your neck and onto your collarbone area so that it seemingly transitions into your creepy Halloween costume.

Clown Makeup

There’s nothing creepier than a clown. To scare adults and kids alike, Aidette Cancino provides a simple to follow tutorial on how to achieve a colorful clown look, starting with a white-faced base, and a creepy pink smile. Using a variety of bright eye shadow and blush colors, this is makeup you can have fun with—even if a total clown look may scare you.

Face Painting for Kids

Last, but certainly not least, keep things super simple by using kid face paint! YouTuber Lily Pebbles works with her makeup artist sister to show how to easily create some kid-friendly looks—pumpkins and Spider Man face paint—that any parent can replicate at home.

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