After weeks out and about in the sunshine, and staying up way past bedtime, the school year is approaching. And no matter how many years you and your kids have gotten ready for the new school year, it can be quite the big adjustment. Here are a few ways to ease the transition from summer into the school year for both you and your kids.

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What to Expect: Talk To Your Kids

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Talking to your kids is especially important for those moving on to a new school, whether it be elementary school, middle school, or high school. A new place can be intimidating on the first day, so make it easier by helping them discover the lay of the land. Well before the first day, visit the school and take a tour. If they’ve already been assigned a locker, find out where it is. And regardless of whether it’s a new school or not, talk about their schedule and what sort of classes they’ll be taking—and be excited! At the same time, assure them that you’re there to talk to them (and listen) about their feelings regarding school.

Go School Shopping Together

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Another way to get kids excited for the new school year and season is to take them shopping. Help them pick out some fun new clothes, as well as pick out all the supplies they may need. By involving them in the decision making process, they’ll be excited to show off their new outfits as well as carry around their new backpack, and more.

Spend Time Reading Together

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A new school year brings a new year of homework. To help ease that transition, take trips to the library together, and make a point of reading books together, such as right before bedtime. Not only will it be a time to bond with your kiddo, but it’s also great way to keep them interested in reading throughout the year, not just in school time!

Create A Place For Homework

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Speaking of reading and homework, find a place in your home that’s a good homework spot. Pick it out together, consider a place where you can easily see what they’re up to, but where they won’t have too many distractions. It should have plenty of light, but not be too comfortable—after all, you don’t want them falling asleep! A nice homework spot can make a world of difference to their productivity and success in school.

Gradually Adjust Your Schedule

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Summer often means late nights, catching fireflies, playing with the neighborhood kids, and enjoying every day like it’s the weekend. But as the week before school rolls around, adjust the bedtime routine by 10 minutes earlier (or more) each night. That way the kids can get adjusted to earlier wake up times. You can also adjust your schedule by checking to see when their lunch is, and adjusting when you guys have lunch together, too. The switch from summer living to fall school can be an adjustment, but by preparing your kids in advance—and being excited for the new school year—you can help set them up for success.

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