The summer is starting to wind down, and families everywhere are pulling out back-to-school shopping lists and frantically finishing up those summer reading lists while they can. Of course, this is also the time to get in one last family getaway before all the stress of the new school year begins. There are so many different ways for you to make some important memories with a last-minute summer trip, so here are five ideas to get you started.

Beach Getaway

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If you live near a coast or any body of water, then you already know how wonderful a trip to the beach can really be. This time, as summer winds to a close, be sure to truly take advantage of your nearby beach and make one last trip there with the whole family before school starts. Make a day of it, rent a boat and go out on the water or try some tubing or water skiing. Instead of just relaxing on the sand (which is great as well, of course) make some memories with the kids and play in the sand with them. Build sand castles and see who can make the best one, or just take a dip with the kids. Make your last beach trip of the summer truly count.


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If you don’t live near the ocean, and even if you do, camping is always a great quick summertime getaway. Before school is back in session, grab the whole family for a weekend away in the wilderness. Go for a memorable hike and take lots of beautiful photos for your scrapbook. When you get back to the campsite, be sure to make a fire and cook up lots of tasty food with that iconic campfire flavor. Then, as the kids get tuckered out and fall asleep in the sleeping bags, have a romantic evening under the stars with someone special.

Road Trip

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There is always one sure-fire way to get some last-minute memories in this summer: Take a road trip. You don’t even need to have a specific destination in mind. Just grab the family, pack up some snacks and car games and hit the open road. See what tiny road-side attractions you can find in your state, or visit all the neighboring states and take some fun photos. You can make a weekend road trip a perfect final summertime getaway with the whole family with a small amount of planning and a tiny budget.

Getaway Without The Kids

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No one will judge you. If you need a weekend away without your kids, this is the time to do it as well. Send the kids off for a fun weekend with grandma and grandpa then set off for a few relaxing days without the kiddos. Visit a nearby bed and breakfast or go camping just the two of you. Keep that spark going so you’ll be more rested and relaxed one September hits and all the stress is back. The kids won’t mind, and you’ll come back rested and rejuvenated for another year of school, PTA meetings, fundraisers, soccer meets, ballet classes and more.


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If money is keeping you from being able to take a trip with the family, do not despair. There are lots of fun ways to make a stay-cation truly memorable. First, be sure to unplug. That means no internet, no phone, no television and no video games. Then create a weekend full of fun family activities. Camp in the backyard, cook over an open fire. Make a scavenger hunt to keep the kids busy, play board games or tell ghost stories around the campfire. Keep the phones and devices out of everyone’s hands while you are on your staycation and truly invest that time in your family. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy your last few weekends of the summer.

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