Nothing says “I love you” like a thoughtful, handcrafted Valentine’s Day gift. Plus, do-it-yourself gifts are often ones that don’t break the bank. Worried you’re not crafty enough? Don’t be! Craft bloggers all over the web offer all sorts of printables that make it easy to craft something that looks wonderful, and your loved ones are sure to appreciate your efforts. Get your scissors ready, and then check out these ideas to help get you started.

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Candy Boxes

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While candy and chocolate can be a cliche Valentine’s Day gift, you can truly make it your own by getting crafty with how you present it! For starters, fill a box full of candies, and label it with a “pucker up” gift tag. Alternatively, personalize some muslin bags using heart stamps bought from craft stores or Etsy shops. Or, buy some inexpensive takeout containers—party supply stores often carry them—and spiff them up with a “be mine” sticker, which you get with a printable like this one.

Bath Products

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Does your significant other love relaxing in the bath? Make him or her a bath set with the help of silicon molds and essential oils to personalize the scent using these directions (which include a printable to decorate the container you gift the bath set in). Another bath-related gift can be bath salts combined with bubble bath, or as Ashley Rose says, love potion sets; learn how to make these cute sets from

Unique Coffee Mugs

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Warm your loved one’s hearts—and their hands—with a coffee mug that you’ve decorated with a lovely design or meaningful quote. The list of materials is short and inexpensive, as you can grab some solid color mugs from even a dollar store! But for the best results, be sure to use a paint Sharpie marker, and not only give it time to dry, but also bake it to make sure your beautiful design stays put.

Pom Pom Bouquets

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Real flowers may be beautiful, but they unfortunately don’t last forever. Give flowers that do by crafting your very own. Materials needed for this colorful craft include green felt, twine, ribbon, colored yarn, twigs, and white spray paint, as well as a hot glue gun and scissors. Camille Styles details how to make those pom pom flowers, as well as the stems, and finishing it with a bow, over on her lifestyle blog

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