Study: Metabolism Can Be Boosted By Adjusting ThermostatA new study published by the American Diabetes Association shows something as simple as lowering your thermostat can jump start your metabolism.
Study: Child Obesity Risk Starts Before School AgeResearchers find that "weight fate" is set by age 5.
Study: Babies Fed By Spoon More Likely To Be OverweightA new study has revealed that spoon-fed babies are more likely to be overweight than babies who are fed by other means.
Experts Debate The Validity Of 'Healthy Obesity' Studies, ClaimsHealth experts offer their thoughts on the concept of "metabolically healthy obesity," and discuss whether or not complications arising from excess weight are a matter of "if" or "when."
Study: Only Half Of Those Hoping To Lose Weight Are 'Seriously Trying' To Do SoA recent survey has found that approximately half of Americans want to lose weight - and only about a quarter of the same population are seriously trying to do anything about it.
Pew: Most See Obesity As Health Concern, Do Not Think Government Should ActA recently conducted survey suggests that the majority of Americans feel obesity is cause for significant concern, but do not think that it is up to the government to intervene with policies that may result in healthier eating habits.
Poll: Obesity Rates Climbing In All Demographics In U.S.A recent Gallup poll suggests that obesity rates are climbing in all groups in the United States.
Study: Facebook Could Cause ObesityResearchers at Columbia University have learned that using Facebook may be tied to obesity, due to the negative eating habits that could result from frequent visitation of social networking sites.

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