Liam Neeson: 'I'm Not Racist'Liam Neeson appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday in the wake of controversy over his saying he contemplated carrying out a racist revenge attack after someone close to him was raped.
Just In: 911 Audio From 'Babysitting While Black' Racial ProfilingFunny feeling leads white women to call police, follow him based solely on the children with him being a different race.
'Babysitting While Black' Woman Calls Police On Black Man Babysitting White ChildrenCorey Lewis took to Facebook to livestream an incident after he says he was confronted by a white woman apparently concerned about the safety of the two children
Old Tweets Overshadow Newcomb’s Career Best GameThe media quickly reminded Newcomb about racist, homophobic and sexist tweets he sent as a teenager after the Atlanta Braves' 4-1 win Sunday over the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Southern Baptists Expel Georgia Church Over Racism ClaimThe denomination's media office tweeted the church is being disassociated over "clear evidence" of racism.
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Opinion: Obama’s Biggest Failure Has Been On Race RelationsUnfortunately, political poll after political poll reveals that the presidential election of 2012 has much to do – in fact, more to do – with the race of the presidential candidate than most anything else.
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