President Trump Makes A Campaign Stop In Tampa Bay AreaPresident Donald Trump stopped to fundraise for his reelection campaign yesterday in Tampa, a little more than three months from the Presidential Election. During his stop at Tampa International Airport with law enforcement and a group of supporters, he slammed Democrats, including his opponent, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.
Georgia Aquarium Announces Reopening DateGeorgia Aquarium announces reopening dates begin June 13th.
Former White House Butler Who Served 11 Presidents Dies Of Coronavirus At 91Former White House butler who served 11 presidents dies of Coronavirus at 91.
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Opinion: Obama's Campaign Speech 'Press Conference' In The White HouseThe White House Press Corps members finally got the White House Press Conference they’ve been shouting for. And they only have themselves to blame for letting Obama turn much of it into a campaign speech by the questions they did and didn’t ask.
Opinion: Joe Biden’s Asinine Comments Aren’t Cute AnymoreThe fact that Joe Biden is only a heartbeat away from the presidency should not only scare the hell out of every American, it should be reason enough for the Romney-Ryan ticket to win the 2012 election by a landslide.
Opinion: Obama Avoids The Issues With Negative CampaignBeing president does not give a person license to disrespect opponents, and the disrespect and intolerance from Obama when a different opinion is expressed has been atrocious.
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