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Final Thoughts On The 2012 Atlanta FalconsIt's tough to consider a team that finished the regular season 13-3 as not having lived up to expectations. Some would say that since Atlanta finally won a post season game for the first time in nearly a decade, the season was a success. Others would argue that because of the way Atlanta finished the season, it should be considered a disappointment.
Seahawks' Offense Offers A Sneak Peak Of 49ersAs bad as the Falcons team was in the fourth quarter, there is a lot to like about Atlanta’s overall performance against the Seahawks.
Defense Will Decide Winner In Georgia DomeYes, it's cliche but, defense really does win championships. And when it comes to points given up in games, the Falcons and Seahawks are two of the top five stingiest teams in the league this year.
Will Falcons Air It Out Or Work On Run Against Tampa?Everyone knows Atlanta has a great passing attack. Everyone knows Atlanta has a bad rushing attack. With one final regular season game, will Atlanta stick to its status quo or figure out how to fix problems?
Best And Worst Playoff Matchups For The FalconsLooking back at the Panthers game one more time, which of the probable NFC Playoff teams would give the Falcons the biggest challenge? Which might be the match-up that Atlanta wants?
Hello Kitty This: Newton Dismantles FalconsThe Atlanta Falcons were simply outplayed in every facet of the game against the Carolina Panthers. The only good thing about this game is that Atlanta still has four weeks before the Playoffs begin to fix the problem's this team still has.