MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. To Open Southeastern U.S. Manufacturing And Distribution Hub In Butts County,MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. to Open Southeastern U.S. Manufacturing and Distribution Hub in Butts County, Create Nearly 400 Jobs.
TEKLAS To Open North American Headquarters In Georgia, Create 120 Jobs In CalhounElectric vehicle manufacturer TEKLAS to open North American headquarters in Georgia.
Outdoor Network Announces Headquarters Expansion, New Advanced Manufacturing Facility In AlbanyOutdoor Network Announces Headquarters Expansion, New Advanced Manufacturing Facility in Albany.
Frito-Lay Announces $200 Million Expansion, 120 New Jobs In Houston CountyFrito-Lay announces $200 million expansion, 120 new jobs in Houston county.
COVID-19 Impacts: Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia To Suspend Operations March 30Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia announced it will suspend operations starting March 30 to disinfect the plant and allow personal time for employees in response to COVID-19.
Tesla Inks Deal To Buy German Engineering Firm For ManufacturingTesla Motors says it has agreed to buy a German engineering company to help automate its electric car manufacturing.
Opinion: Auto Manufacturing Is Back In America. Obama Was Right, Romney Was Wrong.Auto manufacturing is back in America – especially in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania because President Obama made the politically risky decision to bailout the auto industry after bailing out the banks. It was a decision that worked. Obama was right, Romney was wrong. So Romney is now in full lying mode. He is trying to retroactively re-write the wrongs in his writings.
Opinion: The Auto Bailout Wasn’t A Safe Financial Deal For AmericaYes, it’s great that all turned out well for the auto workers, but it is absolutely horrendous to know that the American taxpayers via President Obama’s actions could have been left standing for billions of dollars – and still might.
Opinion: Romney Talks Tough On China But Romney And Bain Bought Chinese FactoryMitt Romney and Bain Capital purchased a factory in China that took on the demand from outsourcing from other US companies. So they profited by increasing profits from companies they owned by shipping jobs overseas and they profited from other companies shipping jobs overseas by doing the work that used to be done in cities and towns across America.
Opinion: Ryan VP Pick Changes Electoral MathPaul Ryan has changed the Electoral College math. With the pick, Romney has chosen a path that writes off almost all of the country and focuses the election on the industrial Midwest.
Opinion: You Weren't Fired You Were OutsourcedMitt Romney's contortions to differentiate offshoring from outsourcing don't matter to those who lost their jobs because of it.