Three Atlanta Falcons To Play In Pro BowlThe last time the Falcons had a 13-3 season, they sent nine players to the Pro Bowl. Even though Atlanta could end up with a better record than that, it isn't showing up as far as Pro Bowl selections.
Falcons Are A Magnet For Broken RecordsSetting a new NFL record is always a rare and special moment because it rarely happens. However, the Falcons seem to insist on some of the most recent records only being broken when they're the opposition.
Kroy Biermann is Archetypal Defensive EndThe requirements for a good defensive end in football are tricky. You need to be strong enough to overpower (or at least power through) a 300-pound offensive lineman when attempting to sack the quarterback. With the pass-happy NFL, nowadays a good defensive end also needs quick and nimble enough to bat down pass attempts by the quarterback or chase down a running back heading for the sidelines.
Falcons Don't Hope, But Believe This Year's Postseason Will Be DifferentThe Atlanta Falcons are the number one seed in the NFC as the playoffs approach, but their history shows that really doesn't matter. This year's Falcons' team believes that won't happen and this year is going to be "different"
Falcons Beat Lions But Megatron Sets RecordsTwo big stories came out of the Falcons/Lions Saturday Night game. The first is who gets the top NFC Playoff seed. The other is the end of the "Madden Curse."
Rice's Record Safe? Megatron May Not Play Against AtlantaTwo final games in Atlanta's 2012 regular season. If they win out, they'll tie the franchise record for most wins in a season with the 1998 squad that went to the Super Bowl. Still, more people are going to be interested in seeing if and when Megatron will surpass Jerry Rice.
A Closer Look At Atlanta's 34-0 Shutout Over New YorkWhen the approximate 71,000 fans entered the Georgia Dome for the Week 15 game between the Falcons and Giants, everyone wanted a good game. What they didn't know as they headed to the game, that history would be made: an NFL record for futility for New York, and an NFL record of domination by Atlanta.
Lions May Just Be Playing For Pride, Falcons Still Playing For Playoff PositionWithout much to really play for in these final two regular season games, the Atlanta Falcons should worry simply about playing well and getting off the field without any injuries. With Ndamukong Suh on defense and Matthew Stafford and Megatron on offense, that's going to be easier said than done.
With Career-High In INT's, DeCoud Is One Player QB's Don't Want To Face 'Meow'With INT's coming against some of the NFL's elite quarterbacks, including three Super Bowl MVPs, this season, DeCoud is quietly cementing his status as a safety poised to burst onto the national stage. And yes, "Meow" is part of the reason.
Points On The Board: Falcons And Giants Both Great Teams At Putting Them Up And Keeping Them OffWith last year's Playoff loss on the minds of the Falcons, what does the team need to do in order to ensure their losing streak again ends at one and more importantly, how do they scout a potential Playoff opponent for this year?
Best And Worst Playoff Matchups For The FalconsLooking back at the Panthers game one more time, which of the probable NFC Playoff teams would give the Falcons the biggest challenge? Which might be the match-up that Atlanta wants?
Robert McClain: Proof That A Team Is Only As Good As Its BackupsWhen the big name players are taken out of the equation, how to you evaluate a team? Simple: their backups. Robert McClain has made the most of his chances in Atlanta and once again proves you don't need to be a big name to have a big impact for a team.
Hello Kitty This: Newton Dismantles FalconsThe Atlanta Falcons were simply outplayed in every facet of the game against the Carolina Panthers. The only good thing about this game is that Atlanta still has four weeks before the Playoffs begin to fix the problem's this team still has.
Falcons And Panthers Round 2: Records Are For SuckersWhen it comes to rivalry games, statistics take a backseat. It doesn't matter than Atlanta has won eight more games than Carolina. It doesn't matter that Atlanta already defeated Carolina this season. In these games, emotion and luck take on much more importance than usual.
Falcons Make Use Of Extra Days, Prepare For Round Two Against CarolinaIt's a tradeoff: on one hand you have just three days to prepare for a game on Thursday, but on the other hand once that game is over, you have ten days to prepare for the next one. Will Atlanta make use of the extra days of rest and preparation?