Increase Your Earnings PotentialYou can increase your earning potential by either increasing your knowledge base or expanding your skill set.
The Importance Of BudgetingDo you ask yourself where all the money goes at the end of every month? If so, you need a budget.
Tips To Make College More AffordableThe price tag for a college education can be substantial. Check out some ways to lower your costs.
Credit Card & A Free T-ShirtIt happens the start of every semester. Credit card representatives blanket campus with t-shirts, coffee mugs and other gifts to entice students to apply for a card.
Refinancing Student LoansStudents who need to borrow money for college can feel intimidated. There are Perkins loans, Stafford loans, unsubsidized loans, the FAFSA, and other factors to consider.
Student Loans: After CollegeToday’s college graduates are walking away from college life with more than their degree. Upon graduation, the average undergraduate has accumulated over $3,173 in debt on credit cards alone.
Budgeting After CollegeGraduating from college is a major milestone in a person’s life. It is a time for congratulations and celebrations. New adventures await you! So do real-world responsibilities.
Tracking Your SpendingYou’ve heard it over and over again from financial planners, “Track your spending!” Recording expenditures, for even a month, allows us to become much more effective money managers.
Schooled On Saving Big: Educational Institutions Offer Options To Costly ServicesDo you have patience and a sense of adventure? If so, you can save big on vision treatment, dental care, legal services, massage therapy, and other services right in your home town.
Claiming What's Yours: Locating Unclaimed MoneyAny of us could use some extra cash in the form of a surprise little windfall. Take 15 minutes to search for possible “unclaimed” monies owed to you.
Getting Motivated To Pay Down DebtAs the saying goes, “Anything worthwhile is never easy.” Paying down debt or reducing your debt is no exception.
The Importance Of Good CreditHave you ever been turned down for a loan or an apartment lease and wondered why? It could be due to your credit history.
Falcons Granted $200 Million Loan by NFL