Mike Budenholzer Out As Coach Of Atlanta HawksThe Hawks and Budenholzer mutually agreed to part ways Wednesday in a move announced by the team in a three-sentence statement
Police: Restaurant Manager Stabbed After Firing EmployeeA fired employee allegedly stabbed a restaurant manager who suffered severe injuries but is expected to survive.
Rick and John Debate: Real or Fake?Rick and John play College Football mind games with Real or Fake. From time to time they create scenerios and want to know, is this situation Real or Fake..
Bucs GM On Patience: 8 Wins In 2 Years Means 'You've Been Patient Enough'The Buccaneers fired Lovie Smith on Wednesday night in a move that surprised just about everybody -- including the players. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said, "I honestly have no idea what's going on," while linebacker Lavonte David ripped the Bucs' "stupid" decision to send Smith packing...
John Michaels: Mark Richt To The U... My ReactionWhat a wild few days this must have been for Mark Richt. Saturday the Georgia Bulldogs beat Georgia Tech to finish the regular season 9-3, Sunday he’s fired from his job of 15 years, Monday there’s an emotional press conference where he says goodbye and Tuesday night he has a new job at The U...
Chuckery: Don’t Fret Georgia Fans… Its Coughlin’s LawCoughlin’s Law… Nothing ends well or it wouldn’t end… Prophetic words from the 80’s movie Cocktail… And so ends the Mark Richt era as the Head Coach of Georgia Football. In many ways, this was coming… Maybe not as soon as expected… Maybe not as dignified coming off a win against their instate rival… But Georgia fans I’m here to tell you the time for this had come.
Mark Owens: Top 5 Facts And Rumors | Thanks For Ruining My Sunday Mark Richt!If we haven't met, let me introduce myself. I'm Mark Owens, a UGA Homer. I also host a College Show with former UGA QB David Greene. Our motto is "we critique, but never turn our back on the Dawgs." With that, today is weird...
The Atlanta Hawks And Danny Ferry Part Ways
Atlanta Falcons Fire Head Coach Mike Smith
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