COVID-19 Crisis Pushes Delta To Retire Its Fleet Of Boeing 777sDelta Air Lines says it’s retiring its widebody Boeing 777s this year as the company, along with the rest of the airline industry, is reeling amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Accused Killer Of Delta Worker Shot Second Person: PoliceThe man who is accused of fatally shooting a Delta Air Lines employee is being charged in connection with another shooting, police said.
Delta Employee Shot, Killed In Atlanta Airport Employee LotA Delta employee was found dead Sunday in a parking lot only accessible to employees, near the Georgia International Convention Center.
Delta To Hire 12,000 Employees Through 2020, Raises In EffectReports say the airliner is growing, with massive hiring on the way as well as wage increases for ground workers and flight attendants.
Arrested On Suspicion Of Being Drunk, Delta Pilot Is Taken Off PlaneThe pilot, 37-year-old Gabriel Lyle Schroeder from Rosemount, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of being intoxicated.
Delta’s Soaring Profits: Demand Drives Ticket Prices HigherDelta surpassed third-quarter profit expectations with strong travel demand pushing ticket prices higher.
Delta Crew Members Fall IllA Miami to Atlanta Delta flight was delayed at Miami International Airport Thursday morning after crew members fell ill inside the aircraft.
Grounded No More: Delta Fixes 'Technology Issue,'Delta's were grounded due to an IT issue. The system has been restored.
Georgia Jet Fuel Tax Halted, Months After NRA, Delta SquabbleDeal issued an executive order suspending collection of the state's 4 percent sales tax on jet fuel beginning Aug. 1. The Georgia General Assembly could reinstate the tax when it reconvenes for the 2019 legislative session in January.
Delta Bans Pit Bulls As Service Dogs, Sparks BacklashDelta Air Lines has been met with criticism after saying it will not  allowing passengers to fly with "pit bull type" dogs as service or support animals.
Atlanta Airport: Jet Reports Engine Smoke, Returns Safely Delta jet reported smoke coming from one of its engines and returned safely to the airport.