Off The Woodwork Podcast, Ep. 016: Barco Watch Continues & Asad coming back?"Craig Carlos-Valentino & Jarrett Smith are back to break down all the Atlanta United news.  The "Barco Watch" continues but there's a new development. Plus Yamil Asad talks to the media about his time at Atlanta and the guys react on how the Asad saga has gone down. Plus rival Orlando adds an important piece but will it be the piece they need to make a playoff run??? 
Atlanta Sports 2017: 17's are for Real & So is the TeamWhat were the five biggest sports stories in Atlanta from 2017? Here's No. 3...
Carlos Bocanegra Interview: "We Are In The Hunt For Bigger And Better Players"Atlanta United Technical Director Carlos Bocanegra joins the show to talk about new signing Darlington Nagbe, recap the 1st season for the 5 stripes, and to address the Barco rumors. 
Off The Woodwork Podcast, Ep. 015: Here Comes Nagbe, Is Barco Next???Craig Carlos-Valentino & Jarrett Smith are back to breakdown the Darlington Nagbe signing and what it means for the 5 Stripes going forward.  Plus Barco wins a Championship, is Atlanta United next on his list?  The guys give their opinions on this busy time for United and can't forget the Red Card Segment. Hope Solo and Jozy Altidore what can go wrong.... 
Off The Woodwork, Ep 014: At 17 Carleton is More Of A Man Than MeEzequiel Barco. Learn that name, this kid is the truth!!!!
Off The Woodwork, Ep. 13: Garza Staying in AtlantaThe guys from Off The Woodwork are back to talk about Greg Garza signing news, MLS Cup is set with a repeat of last year's finalist, World Cup Standing are out and Who's in the Group of Death, and our Red Card Segment where we call out people in the soccer world for doing dumb things.  
Off The Woodwork, Ep. 12: Pulisic Calls Out US Soccer For Lack Of GrowthThe guys from Off The Woodwork are back to talk about the Big News coming from Atlanta United Headquarters. Plus Wonderboy Christian Pulisic goes in on US Soccer and why we haven't closed the gap between the US and the rest of the World. 
Off The Woodwork, Ep. 11: 'Gresselmania!!!! He's One Of Us'Off The Woodwork is back with Craig Carlos-Valentino and soccer insider Jarrett Smith talking Atlanta United season, what's your best memory from the season and what do the 5 Stripes need to do to compete for a Championship next season. Plus Atlanta Untied color commentator Jason Longshore joins the show to preview the MLS Playoffs 

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