Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Doctors Say Youth And General Good Health Don’t Mean You’re ImmuneBreast Cancer awareness month.
Experts Say Prices At Grocery Stores Will Continue To Rise For Over A YearAccording to new figures released by the labor department, wholesale inflation jumped 8.3 percent from August of this year compared to August of 2020.
Patient, Donor Denied Kidney Transplant Surgery Over Being UnvaccinatedAccording to UCHealth, the majority of transplant recipients and living donors are now required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Neither woman has received their shots.
Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Testifies On Capitol Hill; Tells Senators 'We Must Act Now'Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen calmly told a congressional subcommittee Tuesday that Facebook chooses to allow harmful content on its platform that is "disastrous" for society and for children in particular because of the astronomical profits such content generates.
SWAT Officers Storm Home After Father Allegedly Abducts Baby Boy At GunpointSWAT officers storm home after father allegedly abducts baby boy at gunpoint.
White Sox Fan Takes Off Prosthetic Leg To Catch BallTikTok user Shannon Frendreis posted a clip of her impressive catch at Sunday’s game against the Tigers.
Woman Rents Billboard Showing Deceased Daughter’s Photo, Warning ‘Fentanyl Kills’Woman rents Billboard showing deceased daughter’s photo, warning ‘Fentanyl Kills.’
'I Was 100% Wrong': COVID Doubter Changes Tune While Recovering In ICU BedFor the first time since Weld County recently ran out of ICU beds due to a spike of COVID-19 cases, one of the county’s sickest patients is sharing his story from his ICU bed.
Lottery Ticket Sold In Central Calif. Wins Massive $699.8 Million Powerball JackpotMonday’s night nationwide Powerball drawing was sold.
American Man Stuck In Afghanistan Still Struggling To Get HomeAmerican man stuck in Afghanistan.
As Many As Half A Million Shipping Containers Could Be Waiting Off Ports Of LA, Long BeachCargo ships continue to arrive off the coast of Southern California, and the shipping bottleneck may be why product prices are going up, even though shelves remain empty.
Smaller Products, Rising Prices: Shrinkflation Hitting Grocery Store ShelvesProducts like oatmeal packets went from 10 to eight for some varieties, tuna cans from seven to five ounces, and some family size cereals slimming down from 19.3 ounces to 18.8 ounces, all evidence of what's known as shrinkflation.
Dallas Gas Explosion Leaves Hundreds Of Apartment Tenants Living In LimboDallas gas explosion leaves hundreds in apartment living in limbo.
Students Say High School Football Player Used Item To Sodomize Teammate, Shared Video OnlineWCCO-TV in Minneapolis has uncovered disturbing new details about why a Minnesota high school canceled its football season.
Fireball Streaks Across Colorado Sky Early Sunday Morning:Fireball streaks across Colorado sky.