'It’s Almost Miraculous': Heads-Up Janitor Helps Save Doctor's LifeIf you have a health emergency, you want to see a doctor. But at Alomere Health in Minnesota, it was a custodian who helped save a doctor’s life.
Cops: Grocery Store Thief Tries Hiding 2 Salamis In Pants, Then Throws One At WorkerGrocery Store thief tries hiding 2 salamis in pants.
Body Cam Footage Of Minneapolis Officers During Unrest Released After Trial: ‘We’re Hunting ActivistsBody cam footage of Minneapolis officers during unrest released after trial.
‘Mom, This Is Not A Drill, I Love You’: Parents Share Texts From Kids During Timberview High School ShootingParents share texts from kids during Timberview High School shooting.
'Shut Your Mouth, Boy': Philadelphia Police Officer Caught On Video Harassing Black ManThe video has gone viral on social media and has many calling for Officer Hoover's firing.
Religious Exemptions To COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Easy to Claim, But Hard To ProveReligious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine may be easy to claim, but hard to prove:
Stink Bugs Causing Major Headaches, Despite Posing No Harm: 'They'll Annoy You To The Utmost'While they don't pose a threat, they sure are annoying - that's right - stinkbugs. They're back and exterminators are getting a lot of calls.
Twin Cities School Seeks Parents To Alleviate Substitute Teacher Shortage:Twin Cities school seeks parents to alleviate substitute teacher shortage.
Experts Say Prices At Grocery Stores Will Continue To Rise For Over A Year Grocery Store prices continue to rise.
Holiday Gatherings Amid COVID Top Of Mind For FamiliesHoliday gatherings amid COVID top of mind again for families.
Family Says 'Communistic California' Forcing Them To Leave State: 'You Get Taxed For Breathing'A Sacramento couple is leaving the state because they claim they're fed up with "Communistic California" in more ways than one.
UCHealth Denies Kidney Transplant To Unvaccinated Woman & Donor:Denied kidney transplant to unvaccinated woman & donor.
‘Our Life’s Work’: Chicago Rapper Common Puts Recording Studio In Stateville For InmatesChicago rapper Common puts recording studio In Stateville for inmates.
High School Issues Warning About October TikTok ‘Challenge’High School issues warning about October TikTok ‘Challenge.’
As Many As Half A Million Shipping Containers Could Be Waiting Off Ports Of LA, Long BeachAs many as half a million shipping containers waiting off Ports of LA, Long Beach.