‘The Smell Of Feces, Inhumane To Live Like This’: Concerned Residents Speak Out About Rise In People Living In RVsConcerned residents speak out about rise in people living in RVs.
Vaccinated People, Medical Professionals Torn As FDA Rejects Pfizer Booster Shot For Most AmericansVaccinated people, medical professionals torn as FDA rejects Pfizer booster shot for most Americans.
FBI Denver Believes Gabby Petito’s Body Has Been Found In WyomingFBI Denver believes Gabby Petito’s body has been found In Wyoming.
A Closer Look At 4 Drugs Used To Treat COVID-19; What Really Works?At the beginning of the pandemic, doctors tried everything they could to save lives, including some treatments that are now proven not as effective as once thought.
Military Plane Crashes In Residential Area, 2 Pilots Injured, 3 Homes HitMilitary plane crashes in residential area.
Jo Lasorda, Wife Of Late Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasodra, Dies At 91Jo Lasorda passed away eight months after her husband and former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda died in January.
Allegiant Airplane Blows Out Tire After Rough Landing At LoganAllegiant airplane blows out tire during rough landing at Logan airport
TikTok Under Fire Over 'Devious Licks' Viral Challenge Inspiring Students To Vandalize School BathroomsThe challenge has spread widely, with many school districts reporting thousands of dollars in damage while issuing warnings to students and parents.
'It's Our Job': Firefighters Rescue Passenger Suffering Medical Emergency On Southwest FlightMost firefighters have EMT or paramedic training, but it’s not often they have to use it at 30,000 feet.
Stanford Infectious Disease Expert Sets Record Straight on Nicki Minaj's COVID Vaccination TweetsStanford Infectious Disease expert Dr. Anne Liu has been in the trenches, battling the COVID-19 pandemic since its earliest days. She's seen patients die and has grown weary of celebrities like rapper Micki Minaj spreading unsubstantiated rumors about the dangers of vaccinations.
Lawyer For 1 Of 3 Texas Women Charged In Carmine's Brawl Says They Were Racially Discriminated AgainstThe chaotic scene at the restaurant was captured on cellphone video. In the immediate aftermath, police charged the three women with assault.