UPDATED: Companies Looking To Hire During The COVID-19 PandemicAs businesses close and scale back hours in response to the coronavirus, several companies are re-opening and hiring. Some announced job openings back in March and have continued hiring to fill those and additional positions.
What Companies Benefit From Coronavirus?Amazon and Netflix continue to do well as coronavirus isolates people in their homes, but many other companies have benefited or may soon.
Amazon Announces New Fulfillment Center, Creating 800 New Jobs in Columbia CountyAmazon announces new fulfillment center, Creating 800 New Jobs in Columbia County.
COVID-19: Amazon Hiring 75,000 Additional Workers Due To Increased DemandOne month after announcing plans to hire 100,000 employees, Amazon officials said they are hiring an additional 75,000 workers.
Amazon Cuts Contract With Atlanta Delivery CompanyMore than 2,000 workers in eight states will lose their jobs after Amazon dropped three companies.
Moving Forward: Mysterious 'Project Rocket' Business Project In Lawrenceville - Amazon?Details of a massive distribution facility being pitched are shrouded in secrecy, but could potentially create 1,000 jobs or more.
With Toys 'R' Us Gone, Amazon Reportedly Creating Its Own Toy CatalogThe online marketplace is reportedly planning to publish their own giant toy catalog during the holiday season.
Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Pre-Cut Melon Spreads60 people are ill and 31 have been hospitalized. If you’ve bought any pre-cut melon, you may want to toss it out.
"Stephen King Library" Coming To A Smart Speaker Near You
Couple's Amazon Device Recorded Private Conversation, Sent To FriendA couple in Oregon is demanding answers from Amazon after they claim their home's voice-activated device recorded a private conversation and sent it to a co-worker's phone.
Amazon Charges Woman $1,000 To Ship Paper Plates Less Than 300 MilesA woman in Tennessee is regretting her decision to buy paper plates on Amazon after the online giant charged her over $1,000 in shipping fees.