'It's A Free Country': Man Threatens TSA Agent's Life, Throws Checkpoint Stanchion, Strips Naked & Performs Lewd Act, Charges StateTowers allegedly told one TSA employee that he was going to "kill" them. Officers gave him commands to stop and move away from the checkpoint, which he did not abide. The charges state that's when Towers was Tasered.
Mayor Accused Of Posting Revenge Porn On Reddit, Charged With 50 CountsCharging documents allege Bradshaw made multiple accounts on Reddit, a community forum website, with usernames that had the name and birthday of the victim, a woman previously in a relationship with him.
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: What Charges Does Rittenhouse Face?Rittenhouse faces five felony charges in connection with the shootings in August 2020 during protests over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: Judge Dismisses Gun Charge Before Closing Arguments BeginAhead of closing arguments and jury deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, the judge dismissed an illegal gun possession charge against the teen.
‘It’s So Heartbreaking’: Body Of Missing University Of Alabama Student, Maryland Native Garrett Walker, Found In RiverAfter several days of searching, police in Tuscaloosa, Alabama have found the body of Garrett Walker in a river.
Governor Ron DeSantis Defends Embracing Phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon’‘It Needles The National Media’: Governor Ron DeSantis defends embracing phrase ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’
Jerry Douglas, Beloved 'The Young And The Restless' Actor, Dies At 88Douglas starred in more than 100 productions over his career, including the popular movies "JFK," "Avalanche" and "Mommie Dearest."
ICU Nurse: Many Patients Still Don't Believe COVID Is Real, Blame Hospital For Illness: 'They're Calling You A Murderer'“It's hard though, when you know that you're doing good for the patients, but they're yelling at you. They're telling you it's not real. They're telling you that you're a murderer."
Mike Tyson Credits Psychedelic Compound Psilocybin For Turning His Life Around: 'Helps Me Reach Highest Potential'Tyson says he began using psilocybin about five years ago, telling CBS Miami with pure joy that it’s changed his life for the better, forever. “That’s psychedelics, baby! That’s the toad, baby. That’s some shrooms, baby,” he exclaims.
Caught On Camera: Teen Girl Sucker-Punched On Basketball Court During Club Game, Provoked By Mom?Alice Ham told CBSLA Reporter Laurie Perez that parents who were at the game heard the mother of the girl who threw the punch yell, "go and hit her." 
TikTok Hand Signal Led To Girl's Rescue From Alleged Kidnapper. Now Police Want More AwarenessPeople are using a non-verbal hand gesture that says “I need help” to alert friends, family and even law enforcement of a violent situation without alerting their abusers.
What’s Good To Buy In Bulk? And When Is It Not Cost Effective?What’s good to buy in bulk? And when is it not cost effective?
Woman Shot As Rival Tow Truck Drivers Argued Over Who Would Take Her CarWoman shot as rival tow truck drivers argued over who would take her car.
‘This Is A Year Unlike Any Other’: Toy Stores Deal With Supply Chain ShortagesToy stores deal with supply chain shortages.
San Francisco Suburb Of Atherton Remains Nation's Most Expensive Zip Code; Median Home Sale Price At $7,475,000For a fifth straight year, Atherton remains the nation's most expensive zip code with median home sale prices at a record $7.475 million, according to PropertyShark's annual survey.