ATLANTA (CW69 News at 10) — The ruling by the United States Supreme Court that overturned the landmark Roe v Wade case is drawing support from anti-abortionists in Georgia.

All eyes are now on a Georgia anti-abortion law that was placed on hold pending the outcome of this ruling. As anti-abortion supporters celebrated the ruling on Capitol Hill on Friday, so did Metro Atlanta abortion opponents and organizations like the Georgia Life Alliance.

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“We’re very happy about it. This is something we’ve worked on for a very long time,” said Georgia Life Alliance Interim Executive Director Martha Zoller. She says the organization’s decades-long strategy of electing anti-abortion legislators set the stage for the decision. “Bad law will eventually be overturned, and Roe V. Wade was a bad decision from the outset,” she said.

Pro-abortion protesters also rallied in D.C., outside the Georgia State Capitol, as well as around the country following the decision by the high court. Georgia is now among the states likely to ban or restrict abortions.

“If it ends up being implemented in Georgia, then we’ll be ready to do that. If the court says that we need to make some changes, then we’ll be ready to do that,” said Zoller.

Georgia previously passed House Bill 481, the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, known as the Heartbeat Law, before a judge put it on hold.

“Finally, we had justices that had the common sense and the courage to call it what it was, to put an end to this death grip that Roe V. Wade has,” said State Representative Ed Setzler (R-District 35).

State Attorney General Chris Carr announced his office has already asked the 11th Circuit Court to reverse the hold and allow Georgia’s law to take effect.

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“The courts were so very clear that they were simply waiting for the Dobbs decision to be able to hand down their opinion, and I think it’s not gonna take a lot of time to do that,” said Setzler.

Legal experts say the decisions will continue to flow down on the state level.

“That court, any minute now, is going to release an opinion saying that that statute is now constitutional, and once it does that, abortions will be illegal in Georgia after six weeks,” said Georgia State University Law Professor Eric Segall. He said the court battles won’t stop there, and we can expect more protests.

“I know there are people that are unhappy about this decision today, but what we have to do is things like we just did. We opened a maternal care home as a result of Betsy’s Law that we just passed last year. We’ve expanded Medicaid for pregnant women,” Zoller said. “We’ve got some moving pieces that we’ve got to figure out what is next.”

Zoller pointed out that there needs to be some continued conversation regarding what’s next on whether exceptions should be made to allow abortions, like instances of rape and incest.

“No matter what their manner of conception, they’re just as innocent as another child,” said Setzler. “The fact that we’ve weighed out the very difficult circumstances that women find themselves in, the basic right to life of a child, I think there should be kind of a common-sense opinion that there’s a heartbeat.”

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The high court’s decision comes one month after a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion regarding plans to overturn Roe v. Wade drew strong reactions from both sides of the aisle around the country.