DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputies teamed up with multiple law enforcement agencies to arrest dozens of people on outstanding warrants during a special two-day Operation Safe Summer. Sheriff Melody Maddox and Chief Randy Akies held a press conference announcing the results of the mission.

Darryl Humphrey, a DeKalb resident, says his big 11-month-old rottweiler makes him feel safe, and so does the sight of deputies in his neighborhood. “It’s needed with the state of the economy, crime going up and stuff like that, especially in Atlanta. It is necessary,” he said.

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Not everyone welcomes a visit from law enforcement officers, especially anyone with outstanding warrants. The Sheriff’s Office launched Operation Safe Summer to clear up some 400 warrants with help from multiple agencies. It’s being called a success.

“It was a phenomenal 48 hours in which we were able to make close to 40 arrests,” said Akies.

The teams made 162 arrest attempts and cleared 69 active warrants. They arrested 38 people between the ages of 16 and 63, including 25 males and 13 females. Nineteen of them were arrested on felony charges and the rest on misdemeanors.

“This is not just a sheriff’s problem. This is not a police problem. This is not the deputies’ problem. This is a community problem,” Maddox said.

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The charges include aggravated assault, vehicular homicide and cocaine and firearm possession. Deputies confiscated guns, $50,000 worth of marijuana, fraudulent checks and other items, all from one location.

“It was done so with no injuries to any of our deputies, any of the officers, any of the U.S. marshal officers or any of the citizens,” said Akies, who also attributes the operation’s success to de-escalation training the deputies have received.

Akies says it’s best for those with outstanding warrants to turn themselves in. “When you allow us to come out in the community and arrest you, it’s going to be on our terms, and it’s always an inconvenience,” he said.

Operations like this end with a de-briefing. “We flush out what we could have done better and what we plan to do as part of the next operation,” said Akies.

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Maddox and Akies say the partnership involved in clearing outstanding warrants will continue.