ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — Metro Atlanta landscapers are digging their way around the high gas prices, finding solutions to keep their businesses up and running.

The Derakhshan family founded Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces in Metro Atlanta 20 years ago. Luke Love is their senior landscape designer. “We provide full design services and then build the projects for you,” said Luke Love, their senior landscape designer.

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HGTV has featured some of those residential projects, and Love will tell you it takes more than water and yard tools to operate the business. Their six to eight construction crews need gas to drive to the homes. Georgia’s gas prices have now hit an all-time high, as the Russian war on Ukraine continues and as the U.S. imposes a ban on Russian oil. Landscapers are feeling the impact.

“We’re hit for the sales crews that are running around running leads all day, talking to clients. We’re also hit from an operation standpoint with the construction crews,” said Love.

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On Wednesday, AAA reported the national average for regular unleaded gas was just over $4.25. In Georgia, the record-breaking average was close to $4.17, and in DeKalb County, it was nearly $4.23.

Governor Brian Kemp announced plans to work with the Georgia General Assembly to temporarily halt the state gas tax to provide some relief. Landscapers are using their creative skills to keep their businesses going.

“We’ve come up with different ways to be efficient with logistics, how we deliver materials and the virtual meetings are really good these days,” said Love.

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Like most businesses, those efforts will continue as gas prices remain high.