DEKALB COUNTY, GA. (CW69 News at 10) — As the spike in COVID-19 continues in Georgia, the Department of Health has opened two new COVID-19 Mega-Testing sites in Metro Atlanta.

On January 10, 2022, long lines of cars rolled into the DeKalb County mega-site located on Turner Hill Road in Stonecrest. DeKalb residents Roland Hymon and Kristian Gault had no complaints.

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“It’s actually really great. It’s so close to our house,” said Hymon.

Gault also chimed in.

“Just five minutes and the line moved really quick,” she said.

Just as drivers were in and out, so were the swabs the medical team used for the testing.

“It’s great they have this set up like this for a testing site. We really need it,” said John Reynolds, a Loganville resident.

State health officials opened the DeKalb County site along with another one in Cobb County at Jim Miller Park in Marietta. The two sites are addressing the big demand for more COVID testing, as the Omicron variant continues to drive up the number of COVID cases.

A Viral Solutions medical team is administering the tests.

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“I’m just glad I get to have a part in this, providing tests for everybody, making it available to as many people as possible,” said Dr.  Lamar Cochran, a member of the medical team.

Officials say the mega-sites have the capacity to collect up to 1,500 specimens a day. Drivers told CW69 they’re willing to do what it takes to end the pandemic.

“I’m all for vaccination, even the boosters,” Reynolds said.

However, most people wonder when the end will come.

“As soon as we get one virus under control, another one develops,” said DeKalb County resident Ollistine Pinkard. “I’m very concerned. Everyone should be concerned.”

Health officials are urging anyone with COVID symptoms or people who have had close contact with someone with the virus to get tested.

“The more people that know if they are positive they can be isolated right away and prevent other people from getting infected,” Cochran said.

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You must have an appointment to be tested. To register online and to make an appointment, click here. To find a vaccination location, click here.